Tuesday, September 9, 2008

S(n)ide Remarks

My friend said I should be a writer -- oh, but I am! I have my very own column and it is on the INTERNET!

I love to nuzzle my warm, snuggly, roly-poly, baby boy -- There is nothing better! He still curls up his legs and tries to burrow into my neck, and when I lay him down he flips right over ('cause he's gotta practice, of course) and lifts up his little head to take in the world. Nnh, honey, it is like a drug.

A couple of comments I wanted to remember. First, while I was in Relief Society at my mom's ward in Utah I got up to take my bairn out into the hall as he was being quite disruptive. I heard one lady stage whisper to her neighbor (they are getting a little long in the tooth, as it were), "Aren't you glad we're past that stage in our life?" It made me smile because it was so perfect. I was so happy to hear that she is content with where she is in life. I worry about missing my kids being little when I am older. I had that thought while I was in labor with Ella, strangely enough. It was also nice to know that when I looked inward, I know that I am also content with where I am, this phase that will pass quickly enough. I suspect, as well, that she just doesn't remember how lovely it was to get slobbery kisses every morning and have her mirrors covered with fingerprints. God's gift for helping us move on and enjoy the present.

Now, lest I get too sentimental about being a mom, I need to remember the next comment from Ella. I read a book a few months ago that I really enjoyed, "I Capture the Castle." While I read it, I kept thinking that my daughter would really like it. It is set in England and the main character is a teenage girl. I bought the book for her, she read it, and wasn't as keen on it as I had hoped. I recommended the book to my sister-in-law so while in Utah we were all talking about it. Jill said, "I really liked it and the main character reminded me of you, Mary." Ella, "Oh, no wonder I thought she was so annoying." !!!@!!?? I laughed and laughed. So amusing.

"The Baby wakes, the peacefulness flees..."


Janisu said...

Now I HAVE to read that book! I have to see how 'annoying' the heroine really is. Will I agree with Ella or with you? Hmmm. Things that make you go 'Hmmm.'

Anonymous said...

I so love this stage in life too, and I'm not ready for it to end. Is something wrong with me? I've been concerned since Natasha was born that I would never be ready to leave the baby stage of motherhood. And I'm still not ready. I hope that I can transition gently & gracefully someday.

Mandy said...

Oh my gosh Mary! I hadn't checked on your blog in a little while and you've written enough to keep me occupied for awhile!
I'm so glad to finally see a photo of your newest (Am I allowed to say his name online?)!
I've seen you with your kids and I can tell you that from an outsider's perspective, I don't see you rushing through their lives. I see you being a great Mommy. Remember when you and I made the muffins and the girls helped? Those are the memories they will love about their Mom!

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