Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We thought if the baby came on Monday we would name him Casimir, but no luck.  It is difficult to uncover any information about why we should get a holiday in honor of a man who died long before Illinois even existed, but I guess we won't argue with a day off.  Google was celebrating the birthday of Alexander Graham Bell on Monday, so I got lost on the internet reading all about him.  Inventors fascinate me because they were always solving problems and thinking.  How would that be?

Yesterday I spent the day getting ready for Activity Days which in the end was cancelled because of bad weather.  Even though I was all ready, I was still relieved to be able to stay home and not go.  I have come to the very heavy stage and every movement seems terribly arduous.

Today the cat and I took naps in the sunshine.  My bedroom gets wonderful morning light, so when the sun decides to show its face, we try to take advantage.  Even though it wasn't warmer than yesterday, the sun melted most of the snow and we didn't have to exert ourselves with shoveling.  So nice!

I cut the boys hair today so they both look handsome and my girls are lovely. 
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