Sunday, October 30, 2011

gambling man

I have often been heard to say that I never win anything, because I really don't.  I can enter any contest and be quite sure that the end result will be "not winning" -- but recently I did win something!  It was so exciting!  I entered a giveaway on a facebook page for cloth diapering moms and I won this cute pair of "longies."  It took very little effort to click "like" so I didn't really feel like I was taking too big a risk.
 ::I love the cable down the side -- she made these in about two days!
::oooh, isn't he snuggly?  I can't stand it!

However, there are some things that I have done that have taken a lot more sweat and tears to achieve with results that have been even more chancy and I realize that as far as taking a gamble I have "won" a lot.  Marrying a 22 year old student who had had five different majors and who was currently on academic probation, full of hopes to be able to make a living doing music, while I was a naive 20 year old sounds like a crazy thing to do (why did my parents allow it?), but look at us living the life now -- by any indicator we've won!  Deciding to trek across the country to Dartmouth could have been disastrous, moving to Japan was a very bold choice and there were definitely struggles there, and don't even get me started on deciding to have children -- we've played the lottery six times (well, more, but that's a different topic) and just look at the results -- definite success.  Each choice comes with certain odds of winning or losing, everything that we do is a gamble, and more correctly an act of faith, and I can see by taking just a moment to reflect that my wins far outnumber my losses -- I am a lucky girl indeed.  Perhaps I should take that karma and try my hand over at the riverboats...

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