Thursday, May 29, 2008

brotherly love

::2 weeks old

the dregs

I have decided that I need an executive assistant to whom I can dictate my blog.  I often think of all sorts of terribly clever and interesting things to relate whilst I am nursing the baby, cooking dinner, driving around town, etc.  However, by the time I make it to the computer, my mind goes blank and we are stuck with the dregs of my brain.  So sad.

I mentioned that everyone was commenting on how big my baby is.  Well, I finally took him to visit the doctor and he really is big!  He is in the 97th percentile for height and 90th for weight.  The means that out of 100 babies (what a cute image) 96 of them are smaller than him.  Wow.  He is super cute.  I should post some pictures of him.

I got my haircut last week and I really don't like it.  I *almost* like it which makes it all the more tragic.  I should NOT post pictures of that.

Okay, that was all that was in there, I guess.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dreams, diapers, denial...

I have been having the strangest dreams lately, probably because I am half awake all night long. Last night I dreamt that someone called me to come in to update my credit report, drivers license, and health insurance which were all on the same card. I was looking at my credit report and it said things like: March 1986 bought sunglasses; November 1996 left car door open at the mall; May 1998 bought black shoes to wear with a navy dress -- a crime of fashion! The credit report also went back to all our old houses and it turned out that our first house was a block away from a beach and we had never known it.

My baby is getting so big! Everywhere we go people are surprised at how big he is. It is tragic enough without everyone having to comment on it! Yesterday he was wearing his khakis, a polo shirt, and an argyle vest. Ibby said, "He looks like he is going to give bread away." Huh? Oh, he looks like a tiny deacon. So cute. He is especially adorable with his big, fat bottom. He has been wearing cloth diapers. Last night was the first time he wore one at night and he made it twelve hours with the same diaper on. Not that he slept that long, that was just how long it took his lazy mother to get around to it. Anyway, it is the most amazing diaper called bumgenius. I only have one of them because it is expensive. There is a whole subculture to cloth diapers and it can lead to obsession and addiction.  I figure I can put aside the $18 a week I would spend on disposables (scratchy, paper, chemical ridden...) to buy a lovely soft reusable one.  But then there are the accessories... oh my!

I would love to write more and oftener, but there are small people in my life who are saboteurs to my life as a writer. I suppose it cannot be helped, but it is frustrating.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Only yew

Our yew bush is dying. It is very sad because it was thriving beautifully before we decided we should be responsible homeowners and trim it. That happens to us a lot. We really should just let things alone. There were two bushes near our front entrance that had grown quite a bit since we moved in. They were slowly and carefully doing their best to overtake the front walk so they had to be stopped. Unfortunately, I have since found out from my best friend Google that we should have trimmed them back in stages -- a more methodical campaign, as it were. I also discovered that though one of the bushes looks decidedly unrecoverable, it may indeed revive in three or four years. Three or four years! We have to endure its brown blankness for that long? I am quite nostalgic for its greenery... I considered pulling it out and planting something else there, but also read that the roots of this particular bush extend to China.

My baby is doing very well. He is incredibly good-natured for which I am grateful. He sleeps so much! Did all of my kids sleep so much? What was I so stressed about? He does not, however, sleep at night, of course. He loves his mobile so that is where the kids send him when he is fussy.

We are having a garage sale on our street in a couple of weeks so I am taking this opportunity to go through everything in my house. It is amazing to me how things can multiply whilst hiding quietly in a closet. I took a lot of bags and boxes to goodwill this winter, yet am still managing to collect quite a few useless things from the crooks and corners.

I suppose I should go do something else.
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