Thursday, November 8, 2012


Happy Fall everyone!  It's getting pretty cold here, but I always forget how much I actually enjoy the coziness of it getting dark early and bundling up in jackets and sweaters.  I thought I'd share some of what we've been doing...

::The only pic we have of our Charlie -- he had to go to traffic school on Halloween night for four hours -- wah, wah!
::My two little pirates -- we said to Phin, "What do you say?" meaning trick or treat and he would say, "Arg.  That's what pirates say, mom."
 ::All the girls still like to dress up.  Ella handed out candy so that M and I could both take the littles around the neighborhood and Lulu went with some friends
 ::This was Ibby's miniature pumpkin.  I suggested that she not try to carve it, but she insisted and even included a mustache.
 ::Phin's jack-o-lantern -- he designed while daddy carved
 ::And the leaves!  Archie loves to help!
:: Phin with his own purple rake
 ::The girlies helped for hours!  For some reason our two oldest slaves children missed this event
 ::He insisted on using one of the big rakes

In my estimation we raked about 55 million leaves last Saturday and one of our trees is still green!!!!  But we do love our big yard with its leafy canopy!

Babies crying, gotta go! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Wow!  That is all I have to say about my blog lethargy.  So it is definitely fall around here.  I LOVE fall!  The sky is so bright blue, the cool air is so refreshing (especially after this inferno of a summer), the brightly changing leaves are intoxicating, and the crunch crunch of the fallen leaves adds rhythm and sound.  We often talk about moving to a warmer clime, but I would certainly miss the changing seasons.  I also really like wearing more clothes!  I always feel a little too exposed in thinner tee shirts and capris.  There is nothing like putting on some jeans that pull in the tummy a bit and adding a cardigan to conceal some of the unsightly rolls.

I have been spending too much money, as usual.  I think it's because I'm tired.  It is energizing in a strange way, so maybe if I can get baby to sleep a bit more, that would be good in so many ways.  One way I am counteracting the thrill I get from procuring things is developing the absolute rush I get from getting rid of it again!  I've been selling things online and I think the whole process is so fun!  I like taking pictures of everything and describing them, checking to see if people are interested.  Then after they buy them I have a little scale and can weigh the packages and print out and pay for postage from my own computer!  It's like I'm a little girl playing "store!"  Another interesting thing is kind of getting to know and interact with different people that you will never meet.  For the most part, I'm selling kind of niche baby items so most of the people are educated and have similar interests to mine.  Well, a little while ago I decided to sell some household items on an online garage sale site and it was crazy the messages I was getting.  For example:

"I'm prolly posta be home at that time."

What?  I get that prolly = probably and must be a quick way to type it and I've seen it before, much to my chagrin, but posta?  Really?  I don't even want to hear this person speak in real life.  It made me realize that with texting and tweeting, what have you, the massacres of spelling and grammar are probably getting worse, but my friends are fortunately shielding me from the worst examples of it.  Thank you.  It is appreciated.

Anyhow.  It makes me think I should start a business of some kind.  Hmmm.  But what?  I'd love to have a virtual store because then I could buy things and then turn around and sell them again.  Perfect!  My husband is quick to point out that I do have a business -- teaching childbirth classes -- and perhaps I should work on growing that business.  Good point.  As usual.

That is it for now.  These few paragraphs were written over the course of a few days, with multiple interruptions, crises, laundry changes, questions, playing games, etc. ensuing throughout.  Doesn't make for much cohesiveness, but it is my life right now and I wouldn't have it any other way.

::walking is hard, must stick out tongue for assistance!


Friday, September 14, 2012

where do I belong?

Sometimes I feel like I don't fit in anywhere.  I went to a playgroup with friends from church and they were talking about ultra conservative political things and looking around with a look like, of course, everyone agrees about all of this -- but I don't, I mean really, really don't!  I sometimes can't believe we're given the same information and come to such wildly different conclusions, but that is fine and I try very hard not to argue with anyone.   And then if I happen to mention natural childbirth, cloth diapering, hanging out my clothes, recycling, wanting to put solar panels on my house, not using paper anything -- I'm looked at like I'm a complete nut case!  But then when I'm around another group of friends, who I dearly enjoy being with because they're all about peace, love, and taking care of each other, I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum because I'm Mormon, have six kids, I didn't have homebirths, don't co-sleep (well, all night anyway), don't eat everything organic, take the occasional tylenol, and shop at Old Navy.  I just don't fit in anywhere and don't feel very comfortable sometimes.  Oh well, end of rant, and hope I didn't offend anyone.  At least I try not to be offensive on Facebook :)

So my blog has turned into the catalog of funny things Phin says and cute pictures of Archie, but I can't help myself!  Yesterday as we were driving in the car, Phin says, "Are Super Man, Bat Man, Spider Man (said Biter Man), Iron Man, and the Hulk friends?"  Me, only half listening, replies, "Mm, hmm."  He freaks out!  "What????  They're all friends?  Superheroes are all friends with each other??!!??"  Whoa!  I don't really know these kinds of things and I didn't really think before I spoke.  I didn't know what to do!  But I decided to just stick to my guns and say yes, they're all friends!  He accepted that and we moved on.  Then he started talking about cats and breakfast, who knows what, for about five minutes and then said, "That was a very long question, wasn't it?"  Yes, dear, I have no idea what you're talking about.  So amusing.  Then later we were in Target and saw some ISU fan wear.  Well, Phin thinks that the ISU mascot, Reggie the Redbird, is an Angry Bird

 One can see the resemblance.  But it becomes more convoluted, because Phin thinks that Angry Birds are really called Hungry Birds so the whole way through the store we're talking about how HUNGRY Reggie the Redbird is.  I tried to explain, but it doesn't get through, and it's pretty cute anyway.

Now some pictures of Archie and we should be set!

::showing off his sprout woolies!
 ::one of his favorite spots -- he loves to hurl things off of the second floor!  Fun!  Loud noises!

Monday, September 10, 2012

swing of things

I feel like with a title like that I should have some pictures of the boys swinging or something, but I don't :)  Baby just found me.  He likes to stand up next to the couch and jump up, yelling, "Gah!!!!"  It never gets old!  He is so cute!  As much as I lament the kids going back to school, it is always nice to be back on a schedule -- one that is mandatory, since providing one of my own is definitely not a strength.  Matthew is back teaching seminary so he gets up way before people should, Eleanor is working from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. so her daily habits are completely skewampus, Charles has decided he has to kick his running up a notch so he gets up and runs at 4:30 and then with the team again after school, Lucy has been getting herself up very well and is always out the door by 7:30, Ibby gets ready in about 23 seconds and always comes running in to get the baby already fully dressed (including that smile!) and with her bed made, Phin sleeps in -- but usually makes it in time for walking Ibby to the bus at 8:20, and I just get up with Archie -- anytime between 6:30 and 7:30.  The boys and I walk at 8:45 and then we just eat candy and watch t.v. until the kids come home.  Totally kidding!  I had three loads of laundry done before 11:00 this morning so that was eventful.  Who knows what I do all day, but I am trying to have at least one project every day --  on top of the usual suspects: laundry, dishes, dinner, not missing any great deals, and making sure no one dies.  I reorganized my desk area the other day.  Whoop!

Phin is so funny trying out new vocabulary and has now decided that his favorite word is especially.  He uses it in every single sentence.  Last night he said, "I'm done with my dinner, especially there is still food on my plate."  It is adorable.  He is also curious about plurals, which is much more complicated in English than it ought to be.  There is a stretch of grass we pass every day that has a lot of geese living on it.  I'll say, "Look!  There's a goose.  There are so many geese."  He seemed very confused, so Ibby and I thought of other examples of not just adding an S, "One mouse, two mice.  One die, two dice."  He said, "Oh, I get it!  One tree, two trampolines!  One swimming pool, two tree houses!Yep, son, got it!  Doing us proud!  Another funny thing he said today, "Is this an elbow bed?"  pointing to the arm rest in the car.  Can you stand it?  So cute!  I love four year olds and I will miss him so much next year!!!  I'll stop thinking about it!

I'll end with the required picture of baby.  I gave him a more proper haircut, but I still don't want him looking too much like a big kid.
 And here is our bus stop gang -- only three of whom actually get on the bus -- it's a fun crew!

Friday, August 24, 2012

school's ba-ack!

Well, summer flashed before our eyes and the kids went back to school this week.  There was no crying this fall (by me, or anyone, but especially me), so that is good.  All the kids seem really happy so that helped when I read a post on facebook from a homeschooling friend: "This morning we ate cinnamon rolls and watched the children at the bus stop huddling together with sad and confused looks on their faces.  Today we are going to do art by the Mackinaw (river) and read in trees."  Aw, come on!  I want to do art and read in trees with my kids!  But we didn't even do that in the summertime so what makes me think I would do that ever?  I would probably just make my kids watch the baby while I went to Target.  Not very educational... unless I'm training them to become nannies!  In which case that would be the perfect thing!  Hmmmm (rubbing hands together with delight).  So it is just me a mah boyzzz.  We have fun.  Except for right now because Archie is screaming.  I'll hurry.

We celebrated someone turning one!  That went so unbelievably fast!!!  Can't babies last just a tiny bit longer?  I love my babies!  Oh, well.  

 ::Auntie Rebecca gave me this cute cupcake set so we just had to use it -- thank you!
 ::He didn't quite know what to think

 ::But finally got to taste it, yummmy!
 ::Mommy loves a baby!!!
 ::This is his kissy/trying to whistle face -- he always hums when he does this!
 ::Playing peek-a-boo with his one present -- thanks Grandma!
And some back to school shots

::Lucy with her walking to school pals (who are both a year older than her)
 ::Ibby with all of her gear and a big fat baby
 Hopefully I can be better about writing (crossing fingers!).

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

summer happenings

Ugh.  Where has the summer gone?  I mean, really!!!!  Four weeks until school starts and I still haven't made a dent in my summer goals.  But I think the kids are happy so that is good.  Baby doesn't sleep and I hear him right now, so I'll go super fast.

I love having the kids around.  They are the joys of my life.  Just a couple of cute stories.  This evening Ibby was helping put away groceries and prepare dinner and said, "You know what I love about this world?  I love that you don't just appear here, but have to come through someone else."  You are right, that is so cool!  What if we did just appear out of thin air?  Life would certainly be different.  Deep thoughts.  And the baby is so cute!  For some reason I've been whistling a lot (Castle on a Cloud to be exact, the bane of Charles' existence from home school choir in fifth grade) and Archie finds it completely fascinating.  Almost every time he will purse his lips in an absolutely adorable way and start humming a little tune -- he totally thinks he is whistling!  Oh my heck it is something else!

Some pictures from last month, none from our trip eastward for the beloved Smith family reunion since I didn't have my camera, grr, but what can you do?

I took a quick jaunt over to Hannibal, MO (say it singing!) with the 3 littlest and a friend and her two kids -- it was fun!  And Mark Twain paradise.

 ::panning for jewels!
 ::white washing the fence

 ::being Tom and Becky
 ::scouting out Tom's cave

 ::dressing up at the museum
 ::taking a trolley ride all over town with the most hilarious tour guide evah!
 ::overlooking the great Mississippi
 ::standing in front of Mark Twain's house in a new bonnet
 ::two pics of baby just because he's a cutie patootie, and musical to boot

 ::White Place annual 4th of July parade and block party

 ::swimming in the boulevard

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Howdy! I don't have much time, but I did want to update with some photos so... enjoy! 

::yes, who's a cute baby?
::graduation was very scintillating
::who's a pretty girl?
::in retrospect, a more scenic photo spot could have been sought out...
::and happy!
::time is flying by -- I can't believe he's so big!

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