Friday, August 24, 2012

school's ba-ack!

Well, summer flashed before our eyes and the kids went back to school this week.  There was no crying this fall (by me, or anyone, but especially me), so that is good.  All the kids seem really happy so that helped when I read a post on facebook from a homeschooling friend: "This morning we ate cinnamon rolls and watched the children at the bus stop huddling together with sad and confused looks on their faces.  Today we are going to do art by the Mackinaw (river) and read in trees."  Aw, come on!  I want to do art and read in trees with my kids!  But we didn't even do that in the summertime so what makes me think I would do that ever?  I would probably just make my kids watch the baby while I went to Target.  Not very educational... unless I'm training them to become nannies!  In which case that would be the perfect thing!  Hmmmm (rubbing hands together with delight).  So it is just me a mah boyzzz.  We have fun.  Except for right now because Archie is screaming.  I'll hurry.

We celebrated someone turning one!  That went so unbelievably fast!!!  Can't babies last just a tiny bit longer?  I love my babies!  Oh, well.  

 ::Auntie Rebecca gave me this cute cupcake set so we just had to use it -- thank you!
 ::He didn't quite know what to think

 ::But finally got to taste it, yummmy!
 ::Mommy loves a baby!!!
 ::This is his kissy/trying to whistle face -- he always hums when he does this!
 ::Playing peek-a-boo with his one present -- thanks Grandma!
And some back to school shots

::Lucy with her walking to school pals (who are both a year older than her)
 ::Ibby with all of her gear and a big fat baby
 Hopefully I can be better about writing (crossing fingers!).
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