Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Wow!  That is all I have to say about my blog lethargy.  So it is definitely fall around here.  I LOVE fall!  The sky is so bright blue, the cool air is so refreshing (especially after this inferno of a summer), the brightly changing leaves are intoxicating, and the crunch crunch of the fallen leaves adds rhythm and sound.  We often talk about moving to a warmer clime, but I would certainly miss the changing seasons.  I also really like wearing more clothes!  I always feel a little too exposed in thinner tee shirts and capris.  There is nothing like putting on some jeans that pull in the tummy a bit and adding a cardigan to conceal some of the unsightly rolls.

I have been spending too much money, as usual.  I think it's because I'm tired.  It is energizing in a strange way, so maybe if I can get baby to sleep a bit more, that would be good in so many ways.  One way I am counteracting the thrill I get from procuring things is developing the absolute rush I get from getting rid of it again!  I've been selling things online and I think the whole process is so fun!  I like taking pictures of everything and describing them, checking to see if people are interested.  Then after they buy them I have a little scale and can weigh the packages and print out and pay for postage from my own computer!  It's like I'm a little girl playing "store!"  Another interesting thing is kind of getting to know and interact with different people that you will never meet.  For the most part, I'm selling kind of niche baby items so most of the people are educated and have similar interests to mine.  Well, a little while ago I decided to sell some household items on an online garage sale site and it was crazy the messages I was getting.  For example:

"I'm prolly posta be home at that time."

What?  I get that prolly = probably and must be a quick way to type it and I've seen it before, much to my chagrin, but posta?  Really?  I don't even want to hear this person speak in real life.  It made me realize that with texting and tweeting, what have you, the massacres of spelling and grammar are probably getting worse, but my friends are fortunately shielding me from the worst examples of it.  Thank you.  It is appreciated.

Anyhow.  It makes me think I should start a business of some kind.  Hmmm.  But what?  I'd love to have a virtual store because then I could buy things and then turn around and sell them again.  Perfect!  My husband is quick to point out that I do have a business -- teaching childbirth classes -- and perhaps I should work on growing that business.  Good point.  As usual.

That is it for now.  These few paragraphs were written over the course of a few days, with multiple interruptions, crises, laundry changes, questions, playing games, etc. ensuing throughout.  Doesn't make for much cohesiveness, but it is my life right now and I wouldn't have it any other way.

::walking is hard, must stick out tongue for assistance!


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