Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

It had been super rainy all day so we were a little worried about whether trick or treating would be a total bust or not -- and then the heavens cleared, the clouds scooted, and it was actually quite pleasant!  I did miss the usual crunch, crunch, crunch of the leaves, but it could have been much worse.  One thing I kind of dread is the strange people that wind up on our street for Halloween.  For some reason, we are a very popular destination -- some theories include: first nice neighborhood heading east, no driveways so houses are closer together, very picturesque with old houses and big trees, most people are home so can get lots of candy... Regardless of the reason, it always bugs me a little because a.) we have to buy TONS of candy every year and b.) I get a little nervous with complete strangers around with it getting dark, etc.  One neighbor, who happens to be an actuary, has started keeping track of our visitors.  Last year we had 278 trick or treaters, and this year we hit 210 (probably because it started raining again).  So if you figure that we give each person two or three pieces each, that is almost 900 pieces that we have to buy!  I was complaining about it at our fall party last Saturday, but someone pointed out that they think of it as a small tax for living in such a lovely spot.  That helped change my perspective, for a moment, until we were out trick or treating and somehow got in step with the weirdest guy ever!  He would stay out by the sidewalk smoking and then say odd things to my kids when they would walk back to go to the next house.  Then, every once in a while he would add to the fun by donning a grotesque mask and growling at them! Even Ibby was disturbed, but Archie was especially dismayed.  He wouldn't let me put him down!  So after about 10 houses or so my friend looked at me and told me that I should use my energy to get rid of him (back story required here: I'm reading a book called "The Emotion Code" that is very interesting and talks about how our energy is more powerful than we realize -- like one can tell if someone enters the room in a bad mood, etc.).  I laughed, but then whispered really low and slow, "Gooooo awaaaaaaaay" and not two seconds later he called up to his daughter on the steps, "Come on!  Let's go over here!" and they promptly crossed the street.  It was just so random!  The people hadn't come to the door yet, we weren't to the end of the street -- it was truly a Halloween miracle!  And/or I have a hidden superpower!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

just another October Saturday...

We had a very fun weekend.  Matthew had bought four tickets to see Jim Gaffigan in Champaign -- I am not quite sure why he bought four -- I had thought it would be fun to just go on a date, but c'est la vie.  So the question was, who was going to get to go?  We sorted through all of the variables and had decided that I was going to go with Charles and the girls since it didn't seem fair to just take two of them and not the other.  But then! Charles wanted to go to a pasta party at Sam's before his meet so I got a babysitter for the boys and Matthew and I would go with the girls.  But then!  Phin came home early from school on Thursday (I had noticed he looked flushed and listless when I went in for his class party -- I had even set him up in the basement with a show and then he put himself in his bed... that is truly ill!) and threw up in the night so I didn't feel like I could leave him home with a babysitter so I called around and offered about 6 different people a free $40 ticket to see Jim Gaffigan! but no one would take me up on it.  We then tried to sell the ticket on Craig's list and had even gotten an email about it, but Charles came home and said that he would be happy to leave the pasta party early and watch the boys.  I told him that we could go back to the other plan of him coming to the show, but he thought his dad should go, wasn't that sweet?  Super long story, whew!  And not even terribly interesting or funny.  It was very fun!  There were a few dodgy parts, but overall perfectly appropriate for the little girls.
 Matthew was sitting on the other side and on the front row.  He said he would have enjoyed it more with us to laugh with him, haha!  Yes, I am notorious for making things more fun because I start laughing so hard about everything.  I inherited that from my own dear momma.

Saturday was a little crazy.  We left quite early to see Charles run in Metamora.  It was a beautiful, crisp fall day and the drive was pretty.  The interminable wind made it a little uncomfortable, but it was still nice.  Phin doesn't ever like to go so he stayed home with Lucy and we had our little outing with Ibby and Archie.  They're pleasant companions.  Charles got a pr of 15:56 so that was really good.  I was praying so hard for him because he hasn't done as well as he had hoped this season, but this time should help him qualify for a college team.  Now his grades came in the mail yesterday and are a completely different story, grrrrr.  That kid frustrates me to no end.  Just turn in your blasted homework!  So maybe he can become a plumber.  Yes, I'm back to that.  

Next on our agenda was a quick lunch and then Ibby's last volleyball game.  She is doing so well this year and even serving the ball over the net!  I love watching her concentrate and really focus on what she is doing.  She is so earnest!  After the game we ran home and got costumes on for our neighborhood block party.  It is always nice to visit with friends, eat some yummy chili, and let the kids run around with wild abandon!  The boys particularly loved the pinata -- who doesn't like to smack something and then get candy for it?  We then came home and carved pumpkins.  

 Not the best pics in the world, but hey! 
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