Thursday, February 28, 2008


I am officially losing my mind.  It is very sad.  On Monday I completely forgot to pick up Cedric.  This was not just a matter of getting sidetracked and not realizing what time it was.  He simply did not cross my mind at all the entire day.  In fact, when they called to tell me, even the call did not flip a switch, as it were.  I just wondered why they were calling.  Then Tuesday morning I forgot to take my children to the dentist.  They had called on Monday afternoon to remind me, I had had it written on my calendar for a month, my calendar was open on the counter and I had referred to it that morning, but no, couldn't possibly remember.  What more can a person do?  I need an alarm installed into my head.  Charles has started joking that I say certain things, like that he doesn't have to do school tomorrow, and that I just don't remember saying it.  Taking advantage of my senility.  When I start being so remiss, I often wonder what else I am forgetting that I *never* remember.  I suppose I will not ever know, but it gets one to thinking...

We received the all time most adorable baby announcement from Jake and Candis.  Oh my!  So commences a new obsession.  I had already been preoccupied with the whole notion as I lay awake in my supreme discomfort (not that I mind, happy to do it, anything for my little one!).  This just gave me some new ideas to consider.  I don't know if I can pull off what I would like to do.  I have visions of taking great photos, but they always fall short of my expectations.  I would like to think it is the tool at my disposal, but it most likely is lack of experience, education, and dare I say, talent?

Time to put sillies to bed.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Lucy!  

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have been meaning to start a journal for some time now. I buy pretty notebooks and nice pens, yet nothing seems to be enough to prod me along. I have decided to change my tactic and plunk some words down online. We will see how this goes...

Last week we saw a funny movie called the T.V. set. There was a character in it that was 8 months pregnant and had the best line about "feeling this whole pregnant thing..." I cannot remember it exactly, because I happen to be 8 months pregnant myself, so such a thing would obviously be impossible, but it got me to thinking about the human condition -- and thus the title of my new blog. At first I was startled by how close her comment came to how I feel all the time and I thought, 'And I thought it was just me.' It made my strange thought validated somehow. But then later, I began to think that it was somehow minimizing my experience, turning it into a cliche. So there is nothing unique or unpredictable about my behavior -- simply the human condition. Kind of depressing in a way, unless you want to be like everyone else. I just finished reading the "Twilight" series. The same thing kept happening as I read those books. I would think, 'Wow, I have felt just that way before!' and then think, 'oh, it wasn't as special or unusual as I thought.'

Rebecca had her baby on Sunday. Always a relief that another baby made it safely into the world! She had been so worried and everything went really well. I cannot help but feel anxious, but I suppose that shows that I am not quite ready, I have to be at the point of absolute surrender, completely apathetic to whatever and however it happens -- just get the baby out! We are very excited. We could not have dreamed up the other kids, so it will be a delight to see the baby's face for the first time and get to know the new personality in our house.
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