Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Summer Morning

A chubby four year old finger
tentatively touches the space
between my eyebrows -- 
flipping a switch
the chattering squirrels already deep into 

the negotiations of the day,
the birds concluding their dawn chorus

stepping outside with a stretch,
an eight year old garden nymph
stirs up the mint, oregano, and sweet pea,
my skirt brushes past the roses

I sit in a pale slant of sunlight,
the laundry fluttering dreamily in time
to the scales floating through the window

A summer morning garnished, sliced, and served

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Well, I've set off on an adventure! I'm going to Utah for my yoga training at Bodhi Yoga!  I was originally going to fly there -- and had even bought my ticket!  But then my parents suggested I bring the kids so they could go to a timeshare in the mountains with them.  I am all for the kids spending more time with their grandparents! This is the first time I've driven out west without another driver in tow!  I have the three youngest kids with me and so far they've been so so well behaved and great travelers!  We intended to do the usual 10 hour first day and stop in our beloved North Platte, but they were being such troopers that we just kept driving and driving!  In Ogallala I called Zach and Stacie to ask if they minded us plowing through and arriving at their house late that night.  They enthusiastically assured us that would be fine so we did just that, arriving to their house about 17 hours after we left ours.  Whew!  We added India to our little crew and headed up to Evergreen the next morning.  I was so happy that my trip coincided with the Rocky Mountain Retreat!  I was also very grateful that Jon was willing to watch my three and an extra for the weekend.  It was so lovely to reconnect with women that I had met last year and I was even able to room with my Fara ❤️ .  We drank a lot of mexican coke, spent some time at the hot springs, and even got a massage, ooh la la!  I can't believe that I didn't get any pics of the kids all together -- they got along so well!  It is truly a shame that we don't live closer...

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