Friday, September 14, 2012

where do I belong?

Sometimes I feel like I don't fit in anywhere.  I went to a playgroup with friends from church and they were talking about ultra conservative political things and looking around with a look like, of course, everyone agrees about all of this -- but I don't, I mean really, really don't!  I sometimes can't believe we're given the same information and come to such wildly different conclusions, but that is fine and I try very hard not to argue with anyone.   And then if I happen to mention natural childbirth, cloth diapering, hanging out my clothes, recycling, wanting to put solar panels on my house, not using paper anything -- I'm looked at like I'm a complete nut case!  But then when I'm around another group of friends, who I dearly enjoy being with because they're all about peace, love, and taking care of each other, I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum because I'm Mormon, have six kids, I didn't have homebirths, don't co-sleep (well, all night anyway), don't eat everything organic, take the occasional tylenol, and shop at Old Navy.  I just don't fit in anywhere and don't feel very comfortable sometimes.  Oh well, end of rant, and hope I didn't offend anyone.  At least I try not to be offensive on Facebook :)

So my blog has turned into the catalog of funny things Phin says and cute pictures of Archie, but I can't help myself!  Yesterday as we were driving in the car, Phin says, "Are Super Man, Bat Man, Spider Man (said Biter Man), Iron Man, and the Hulk friends?"  Me, only half listening, replies, "Mm, hmm."  He freaks out!  "What????  They're all friends?  Superheroes are all friends with each other??!!??"  Whoa!  I don't really know these kinds of things and I didn't really think before I spoke.  I didn't know what to do!  But I decided to just stick to my guns and say yes, they're all friends!  He accepted that and we moved on.  Then he started talking about cats and breakfast, who knows what, for about five minutes and then said, "That was a very long question, wasn't it?"  Yes, dear, I have no idea what you're talking about.  So amusing.  Then later we were in Target and saw some ISU fan wear.  Well, Phin thinks that the ISU mascot, Reggie the Redbird, is an Angry Bird

 One can see the resemblance.  But it becomes more convoluted, because Phin thinks that Angry Birds are really called Hungry Birds so the whole way through the store we're talking about how HUNGRY Reggie the Redbird is.  I tried to explain, but it doesn't get through, and it's pretty cute anyway.

Now some pictures of Archie and we should be set!

::showing off his sprout woolies!
 ::one of his favorite spots -- he loves to hurl things off of the second floor!  Fun!  Loud noises!

Monday, September 10, 2012

swing of things

I feel like with a title like that I should have some pictures of the boys swinging or something, but I don't :)  Baby just found me.  He likes to stand up next to the couch and jump up, yelling, "Gah!!!!"  It never gets old!  He is so cute!  As much as I lament the kids going back to school, it is always nice to be back on a schedule -- one that is mandatory, since providing one of my own is definitely not a strength.  Matthew is back teaching seminary so he gets up way before people should, Eleanor is working from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. so her daily habits are completely skewampus, Charles has decided he has to kick his running up a notch so he gets up and runs at 4:30 and then with the team again after school, Lucy has been getting herself up very well and is always out the door by 7:30, Ibby gets ready in about 23 seconds and always comes running in to get the baby already fully dressed (including that smile!) and with her bed made, Phin sleeps in -- but usually makes it in time for walking Ibby to the bus at 8:20, and I just get up with Archie -- anytime between 6:30 and 7:30.  The boys and I walk at 8:45 and then we just eat candy and watch t.v. until the kids come home.  Totally kidding!  I had three loads of laundry done before 11:00 this morning so that was eventful.  Who knows what I do all day, but I am trying to have at least one project every day --  on top of the usual suspects: laundry, dishes, dinner, not missing any great deals, and making sure no one dies.  I reorganized my desk area the other day.  Whoop!

Phin is so funny trying out new vocabulary and has now decided that his favorite word is especially.  He uses it in every single sentence.  Last night he said, "I'm done with my dinner, especially there is still food on my plate."  It is adorable.  He is also curious about plurals, which is much more complicated in English than it ought to be.  There is a stretch of grass we pass every day that has a lot of geese living on it.  I'll say, "Look!  There's a goose.  There are so many geese."  He seemed very confused, so Ibby and I thought of other examples of not just adding an S, "One mouse, two mice.  One die, two dice."  He said, "Oh, I get it!  One tree, two trampolines!  One swimming pool, two tree houses!Yep, son, got it!  Doing us proud!  Another funny thing he said today, "Is this an elbow bed?"  pointing to the arm rest in the car.  Can you stand it?  So cute!  I love four year olds and I will miss him so much next year!!!  I'll stop thinking about it!

I'll end with the required picture of baby.  I gave him a more proper haircut, but I still don't want him looking too much like a big kid.
 And here is our bus stop gang -- only three of whom actually get on the bus -- it's a fun crew!
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