Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A little goodbye party for the Nance family -- why does everyone keep moving away???

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tiny Twinges

I felt a tiny twinge --
to give a friend, 
who was feeling down, 
some flowers. An
easy enough charge

with the flashy
tiger lilies
screaming for attention
over in the corner,
the clematis curling
seductively round the
garden gate,
the fluffy zinnias
with their toothy,
multi-hued smiles.

 I stayed inside,
quieting the
karmic jabs with
flimsy excuses,
leaving the friend
to sit alone
and the floral fete
to be enjoyed
solely by the

Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer Storm

Phin was so sad when he looked out the window this morning. He cried as he told me how much he loved that trampoline. I said that we can probably get a new one and he assured me that it would be okay if we got a smaller one. Sweet boy.

The other storm casualty... Charles came out from work and the street where he'd parked had flooded! The water seeped into the car and reached the seats, etc.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

So Civilized

Can I tell the tale of
My story is a biased
one, just one
individual in the
collective mind.

A chimp will not eat a grape unless
all the chimps have a grape.

History is pocked --
great craters of
devastation, terror,
minuets, sonnets
(clubs, spears)
The Pieta, a perfect rose
(rifles, drones)
survival of the fittest
(maddest, meanest)

We are so
so civilized
compared to
the chimpanzee.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Still Spinning

In other lifetimes, 
it took years 
to crisscross 
this glorious globe,
but as the distance
diminished, knowledge
expanded and
we know (we KNOW)
that all of us want
the same things:
peace, safety,

This Earth,
so buried in
grief and confusion,
is somehow,
still spinning.

Still producing
fresh green cucumbers
and fireflies
that dart in and out
of the hydrangeas.
Little girls still
selling lemonade
on Sunday afternoons.

How can it all be so
exquisite? So beautiful?
How can it all be so
(crushingly) sad?
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