Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Into the Fire

Tonya -- my most esteemed yoga guru -- has asked me a few times if I would be willing to teach yoga for the Tuesday evening Grove Street neighborhood and I just don't feel ready  at all!  I have only done a few classes with my friends -- and even that was scary!  So I have repeatedly declined her kind invitation... But then today she texted me while we were at park day and said that they desperately needed a teacher for that night!  Oh, the horror!  I wanted to say no so badly, but I could tell that the Universe was gently, or not so gently, nudging me and giving me a chance to get my teaching hours toward my Bodhi Yoga certification.  It really is a great opportunity!  So I agreed and took the boys home a little early so that I could practice a bit and write some ideas down.  Oh my goodness!  My stomach hurt so much!  But I didn't die!  Tonya checked in with me later and assured me that they haven't lost a teacher yet!
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