Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

It is a beautiful morning here in Illinois.  Not too humid -- I even went out for a run this morning, but now my hips hurt, woe is me!  I always miss the Freedom Festival in Provo this time of year.  I love to start out the week with the spirit at the Marriott Center and then end the week with the balloons, the parade, a family party, and the wonderful fireworks.  It is different here, but fun.  I live on a wonderful street.  It is red brick and has grass growing up through the pavers in the summer.  The neighborhood has a lot of get-togethers throughout the year and today is one of them.  They ask the city to barricade the street so that we can play in it.  First, we meet at 11:00 with decorated bikes and wagons for a small parade.  One man on the street leads the parade with a truck blaring patriotic music.  Then an old fire truck drives up with the siren wailing.  All the kids and adults climb aboard for a fun ride through town.  He takes several tours so we can usually go a couple of times.  Next, we all join for a picnic on the boulevard and then set up a slippery slide, kiddie pool, etc.  Later, we are going to join some people from church at State Farm park.  For all of you who have State Farm insurance, you should see the amazing park that you helped pay for.  We normally aren't privileged enough to be allowed entrance, but our friends our getting us in today.  My boy is still at camp, so Matthew is driving up there this evening and spending the night and then driving a crew home tomorrow.  I cannot wait until he is home and safe again.

I read the book "John Adams" this spring and it was so wonderful.  I love history and have read a lot about the founding of our country, but this book made it even more real to me.  Abigail Adams said to her husband that their posterity would never really understand what people went through to procure freedom and liberty.  She is so right.  I don't think we do, but I hope today we can think about them and honor them.  I am so grateful to have the life that I do!

Now I must go, because we haven't even adorned the tricycle!  
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