Sunday, May 12, 2013

I had such a wonderful day today!  It started with Matthew letting me sleep in a bit and then being woken my arguing outside my door -- should they come in?  Was I still asleep?  I heard them retreating back down the stairs so I called to them that I was awake and was presented with a beautiful and bounteous breakfast in bed.  There were eggs, sausages, tomatoes, and a vase of flowers in the corner.  Phin came in distraught because he's still been sleeping and hadn't given me my card, but I assured him I was still accepting gifts so he ran and got it for me.  The front of the card was covered with birds, bird houses, and flowers "because I know you wuv all of those things mom."  And he kept hugging me.  He is so sweet!  So I felt kind of bad when I yelled at him an hour later for peeing on the rug in his room -- but come on!  He is five!

My gift was a great lens for my camera -- finally!  I had bought it for myself a few weeks ago, sheesh!  I was so excited to pull it out -- here are my first images:

Look at those gorgeous babies!  I just finished up an online photography course so I'm excited to try out the things I've learned.  If I can remember any of it.  My mind... I understand all of it at the time, but then later it's all cloudy and jumbled.  Hopefully with actually going out and doing I can make some pathways up in that noggin of mine.

Church was nice, well and not nice since it is my little one's naptime!!!  But we can't change that.  He took a nice little snooze in my amazing rose strewn wrap, and then went to nursery with daddy.  The men took over all of the women's jobs for the last hour which was super nice -- except that I had to prepare sharing time for the second hour anyway so... yeah, not that helpful as far as the stress level.  I'm a complainer.  

Everyone made me dinner and then we watched an episode of Psych together.  I talked to my Ella on the phone and all in all I am so grateful to be a mom.  And so fortunate and blessed that my kids are fabulous and my husband is awesome!  Woohoo!

Friday, May 10, 2013

wishing field

On Wednesday I went for my normal walk on the trail, but Phin came along which wasn't the usual because he doesn't like to come.  Frankly, I'm okay with him not coming when daddy is home, because he talks and talks and talks... However!  Often the things he says are so incredibly cute!  For instance, we came upon this field to the side of the trail:
 Can you see all of the dandelions?  And he exclaimed, "Mom!  Look at all of those wishes!"  Awww.  I love five year olds!  I saw weeds and he saw potential!

It is beautiful here right now.  We have had a cooler spring, which has had a lot of people complaining, but I love that the blossoms last a little longer than when it is warmer and I enjoy the occasional blustery day and I really prefer wearing a cute little cardigan to cover up my hefty upper arms.
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