Friday, May 10, 2013

wishing field

On Wednesday I went for my normal walk on the trail, but Phin came along which wasn't the usual because he doesn't like to come.  Frankly, I'm okay with him not coming when daddy is home, because he talks and talks and talks... However!  Often the things he says are so incredibly cute!  For instance, we came upon this field to the side of the trail:
 Can you see all of the dandelions?  And he exclaimed, "Mom!  Look at all of those wishes!"  Awww.  I love five year olds!  I saw weeds and he saw potential!

It is beautiful here right now.  We have had a cooler spring, which has had a lot of people complaining, but I love that the blossoms last a little longer than when it is warmer and I enjoy the occasional blustery day and I really prefer wearing a cute little cardigan to cover up my hefty upper arms.

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