Monday, May 19, 2008

Only yew

Our yew bush is dying. It is very sad because it was thriving beautifully before we decided we should be responsible homeowners and trim it. That happens to us a lot. We really should just let things alone. There were two bushes near our front entrance that had grown quite a bit since we moved in. They were slowly and carefully doing their best to overtake the front walk so they had to be stopped. Unfortunately, I have since found out from my best friend Google that we should have trimmed them back in stages -- a more methodical campaign, as it were. I also discovered that though one of the bushes looks decidedly unrecoverable, it may indeed revive in three or four years. Three or four years! We have to endure its brown blankness for that long? I am quite nostalgic for its greenery... I considered pulling it out and planting something else there, but also read that the roots of this particular bush extend to China.

My baby is doing very well. He is incredibly good-natured for which I am grateful. He sleeps so much! Did all of my kids sleep so much? What was I so stressed about? He does not, however, sleep at night, of course. He loves his mobile so that is where the kids send him when he is fussy.

We are having a garage sale on our street in a couple of weeks so I am taking this opportunity to go through everything in my house. It is amazing to me how things can multiply whilst hiding quietly in a closet. I took a lot of bags and boxes to goodwill this winter, yet am still managing to collect quite a few useless things from the crooks and corners.

I suppose I should go do something else.

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