Monday, June 9, 2008

We had our big yard sale on Saturday. I had been getting ready for it for weeks so it was very exciting when 30 minutes before it was supposed to begin there was instead a torrential downpour. Fortunately, I am not very on the ball so I hadn't put anything outside yet. Some of my neighbors had already put all of their things outside and they all got very wet. Just goes to show you that procrastination pays off. Eventually I got everything out as it drizzled depressingly. The traffic for our sale was not what we would've hoped since who would have a yard sale in the rain? Who indeed... We decided we couldn't bear to take everything back in the house so we pulled the van around and loaded it up to take to Mission Mart. My house felt less cluttered for about five minutes until a few neighbors came by and very kindly gave us some things that they didn't sell. Even Steven. I also stopped at some yard sales on the way home from dropping off our stuff so it is kind of an even flow, a revolving door as it were.

The rain is really great because it makes it very easy for my garden to grow. All the seeds that the girls and I planted have sprouted and are doing well. I spent quite a lot of time last week weeding, but the rainy weekend helped those along as well. The zinnia heads that I dried over the winter and then planted are shooting up nicely and the roses are all blooming. June is always so lovely and it isn't too unbearably hot. Our house has been a little toasty (well, toast is dry and our house isn't), but if one stays situated beneath a ceiling fan it is tolerable.

Last week we found an amazing price on tickets to Utah so the kids and I are flying instead of driving this year. Yea! I am so excited. Matthew didn't want to go at all so this will work out perfectly. He said that the price was worth us being gone for a bit while he works on music. I am afraid that the six of us can make quite a racket. I would like to lose some weight before we go so my goal is two pounds a week. I know that it is a simple formula of diet and exercise, but the problem is that I am just so hungry and tired! I am working hard at keeping a very large baby from the brink of starvation and I feel like eating all the time.

Charles has decided that he would like to go back to school this fall, but I feel quite uneasy about it. So is Matthew. I have really enjoyed homeschooling him, despite having dropped the ball a little after the baby. I really want to do what would be the best for Charles, of course, so I have been praying and pondering quite a bit about it. Sometimes I get the feeling that things will work out either way, but I just want someone else to make the decision for me.

The rain is clearing up so we will probably head out to the pool per our usual routine.


Anonymous said...

how much are your tickets costing? when will you be in utah?

are you homeschooling everyone, or just charles? we have homeschooled off & on, but aren't doing it right now.

i completely understand about the weight loss issues and the hunger! i so understand! especially with a boy.

Jenn said...

I don't know if you're interested or not, but I just started a new workout to two DVDs: Biggest Loser--Cardio Max and Biggest Loser--Power Sculpting. My cousin lost a ton of weight with these, so I thought I'd give it a shot. It's kicking my butt! It's kind of fun, though, because the people working out with the trainer are all past contestants who are still overweight. They're all off sync--it's funny, cause that's how I am. Anyway, I don't know if you like workout videos or not (I haven't in the past), but these are pretty good!

That's great that you don't have to drive all the way here!

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