Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! We ate our requisite black-eyed peas and cabbage to usher in prosperity, but what I really wanted was some mochi! I will just have to imagine that for now. I am really excited for the new year. I look around my house and feel like we have never had quite so much chaos. My husband said this morning that he doesn't know if we are spiraling out of control or if we are on the cusp of something wonderful. I will choose the latter. We are redoing our basement so everything that belongs there is now somewhere else. One of the things that belonged there was Matthew so he is now working upstairs in the little t.v. room and the t.v. is in the living room, and the... Bert says, "Ernie, why did you put a pot on my head?" "Because I broke the cookie jar." "Where are the cookies?" "In the sugar bowl ..." (I mentioned this famous dialogue to someone the other day and they had no idea what I was talking about. If you, too, have never had the privilege of witnessing this great drama played out firsthand, you can find the full transcript here, but only if you're really bored and don't have to go vacuum or something). That is my house at the moment, but I am trying not to get worked up about it since it is leading to a better tomorrow (well, the basement won't be done tomorrow, we'll say summer).

I saw on a blog (Tip Junkie) an idea to have a word of the year, and she is giving away one necklace with someone's word on it. I started thinking about it and decided on "More." Now there are more beautiful words out there, it certainly isn't my favorite word, but I kept coming back to it. More could go both ways, but I don't mean more stuff or that I lack anything, because I don't. I have felt overwhelmed by our material blessings, especially as I have become more (there is that word) aware of some of the circumstances in our town. No, I just need more Me. My theme song will be "More Holiness Give Me" (the lyrics) and I will try to base my goals around that. I also need to be more calm, more patient, more persevering, more intuitive, more organized, more generous, more tolerant, more satisfied, etc. etc. So there it is. The beauty is that next year I can pick another word. I can hardly wait. Maybe it will be Enough

What I need less of is some poundage so I am participating in the Biggest Loser contest again. It starts on January 9th so if you or someone you know want to join you can see more here.

I reconvened our family motto discussion and the latest incarnation is "Thou Shalt Not Kill." Back to basics with the Law of Moses. I am thinking that will look really nice in some vinyl lettering over the front door. Wouldn't that be welcoming?


tara @ kidz said...

OH I'm so glad I stopped by. What a great word and a great song/lyrics to base your year upon. That song is stuck in my head now (this is a good thing). Happy New Year!

Mary said...

Thank you. The only frustrating thing about having a song stuck in your head -- even good ones -- is when you don't know all the words so it is just la, la, la, la..

Janisu said...

Oh, but you are excellent at memorization, so you'll have that one down in a matter of hours (while feeding the baby, vacuuming, or whatever you are doing that lets you think of something else at the same time). I love the reference to Burt and Ernie, too. It's kind of like the "Hole in the Bucket" song I loved so much on there, too.

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