Monday, September 13, 2010

blood, sweat, and tears

I haven't had much gumption for writing in the ole' blog recently and I don't quite know why.  I suppose I'm just busy with the regular business of living, but I don't understand how all of those mommies are writing novels, sewing, painting, etc.  (Sigh) Someday!  Let's see what I've been doing.  

Reading:  I had sort of stopped reading so much in the last couple of years, but in the last few weeks I've read an embarrassing number of novels -- mostly young adult, and almost all excellent.  

Canning:  this is where the blood, sweat, and tears comes in.  There wasn't actually any blood, which is rather surprising since I was using a sharp knife to both peel and slice the peaches.  The opportunity was undoubtedly present.  There were, however, a couple of somewhat serious burns from my very spazzy removal of the jars from the hot water bath, with boiling water splattering my front -- instant blisters!  I told a friend and she asked if I was wearing any clothes.  Hmmm, that is quite an image...  Why yes indeed, I was wearing several layers, truth be told, and after this experience I certainly will never be trying the nude canning and recommend that none of you do either.  We got a very good deal on a box of local peaches at the farmer's market so that and the satisfaction of rows of lovely jars of peaches more than makes up for the hours of labor, the terrific mess, and the resulting scars I am sure.  

Chauffeuring to seminary:  I am suffering from chronic lack of sleep and no amount of yoga shoulder standing will make up for that.  I will use this as the current excuse for my inability to think straight. 

Dressing my truth: I have been OB-sessed with the website and watching every single thing they have.  I have also ordered some things from their website and when I saw the charge on my credit card bill, it said, "Dressing your truth, disco"  Disco?  Did I order a disco ball and/or some funky music?  Think, think, think.  Oh!  It is short for "Discover your beauty profile."  I thought it was amusing.  I also thought it was funny that I have been trying so hard to look a little better and went a whole hour walking with a friend before she looked over and said, "Your shirt is on inside out."  Their truly is very little hope when I can't even master the simple basics of dressing.  

Being plagued by deadly pestilence(s): two different children at two different times in the past week have had, respectively, pinworm and lice!  Both were thwarted before spreading to any other family member (knocking on wood).

Losing weight:  Last, but not least, I have lost the same five pounds about three times this month.

What have you been up to?


Jen said...

I prefer not to can in the nude as well. I usually bottle with my sister, and if her husband came home for lunch, well, that would just be awkward.

It must be a nation wide epidemic, because the primary presidency called me yesterday to inform me that another child in nursery had lice and I should check my son.

I am glad you liked Mockingjay. I thought it was awesome, and I am surprised so many people didn't like it. I think Americans want to much frosting on their happy endings, but if it had been too sweet, I would have been upset. I thought it was just right.

I am reading The Queen's Thief series, by Megan Whalen Turner. It started slow, but had a great plot twist at the end.

Stacey said...

Who needs book club when I can just read your blog???

The Queen Bee said...

I also canned this week. Two things you never do in the nude, can and sew!

My mom went walking on Tuesday with her shirt on wrong side out too, maybe it's a new fashion statement!

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