Friday, October 22, 2010

quotes of the day

One of my regrets in life, and yes there are oh so many of those, but I will focus on one today, is that I didn't write more of the cute and funny things that my kids would say all the time.  My two oldest would always combine words like: cindebrella (for umbrella), fooderator (refrigerator), dinosword (sword), just to name a few that I just happen to remember.  I don't remember the others doing it, but that could just be: my poor memory, I wasn't very blown away, or I simply wasn't paying any attention to them -- all feasible possibilities.  Oh, and Charles used to come up with the most amazing little gems like, well now I can't quite remember because I didn't write it down, but something along the lines of: would infinity seconds be the same as infinity minutes?  We really wanted to write a book entitled, "Charles' Deep Thoughts," but that would have, of course, required notation of some sort or other.  At any rate, I have decided I should write some of the things that they say now so I will always remember how sweet they are.  Here are some of the things I was told directly this week.

Ella: Mom, your hair looks really nice today.
Me: Thank you so much!
Ella: Yeah, usually it looks like a hot mess.
Me: Um, well, thanks again, I guess?

Charles: You have definitely made better spaghetti!
Me: ...okay?

And this was texted to me yesterday afternoon:
Lucy: R u gone or am i missing something?
Me: I am at voice lessons with Ella.  Daddy is home.  Is Phin awake?
Lucy: Phin is still asleep as far as i'm concerned.

What does that even mean, "as far as I'm concerned," did she even check?  So there you go.  Those should keep me warm in my old age.


Jen said...

That "as far as I'm concerned" cracked me up.

Stacey said...

I really did "LOL". I am waiting for Faith to start being brutally honest with me.

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