Monday, November 29, 2010

speech pathology

I've mentioned before that we have been slightly concerned with the delay in Phin's verbal progress, but as long as he was making small but steady improvements I had decided not to worry about it too much.  A couple of months ago he really started to take off with the full parroting stage and now I have the pleasure of arguing with him about everything!  

me: Go get your alligator.
him: That's a dinosaur.

me: Would you like a clementine?
him: No, I want a gunkin (pumpkin)!

me: There's Santa on your pajamas, ho, ho, ho!
him: That's Grandpa!  No ho ho.

me: Oh, you sneezed!
him: No!  I burped!

He has also decided to randomly add the "ch" sound to all sorts of things.  There's chochit (chocolate) of course and the chitchen (kitchen) where we eat chunch (lunch) and he calls himself Chin and all little animals (baby bears, penguins, puppies, what have you) are also Chin.  Whenever it is time to say a prayer, we try to quietly ask someone and starts before he realizes or else it is always, "Chin's turn!  Garble, garble, garble, daddy, garble, .... (sometimes short, sometimes really long) garble, garble AMEN!"

Some other cute things he says are die, for goodbye, so we tell everyone he is cursing them, and doom for moon.  Anytime he sees the moon in the sky even in the middle of the afternoon, he says, "Night night doom!"  He's obviously a bit of a fatalist.


Jen said...

My kids often add a t to the end of things. Boont for spoon, moont for moon. So odd.

GRodenberg said...

he's obviously friends with Gracie, because she called everything "ch"eese for a year! love their baby voices, don't get him therapy just yet!

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