Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'm not worthy!

Recently I made a green bean casserole and it turned out horribly.  Is there an easier casserole to make?  But I ruined it -- I used frozen beans so they were too crunchy, I used too much milk so it was too runny, and it just basically didn't taste very good at all.  Last night I had a dream that I had to take that casserole to someone and they couldn't believe the Relief Society President had made something so awful.  I guess this all means that I am having some anxiety about my new calling and having everyone see all of my weaknesses in glaring technicolor.  I know that I can do lots of things with mediocrity, but not a whole lot with excellence and I don't want anyone to get frustrated with me and I most certainly don't want anyone to tell me that I did something subpar because I just might cry.  Some people have told me that I probably knew this was coming since I was first counselor already, but I really didn't.  I felt quite confident that Heavenly Father knew that me being the RS president would not be in the best interests for the ward -- or for me and my family, for that matter.

I have been feeling quite overwhelmed, but that could be because I found something else out the very same day I was called.  Something funny.  What do you think would be the absolute funniest thing I could find out?  I'll let you think about it.

The worst thing is that now I have so many keys that my key ring rivals Matthew's and he keeps taking mine.  That is the worst thing, right?


The Queen Bee said...

That Phin really IS as dumb as Mittens?

AndieF said...

OK, I heard about Syndy's husband's new calling because it was a stake thing, but I didn't hear about this (heck, I didn't even know you were 1st counselor!) Congratulations! You will do super fantastic. I'm sure of it. They all seem to pick just the right person at the right time, and each person brings a new and great twist to the calling.

That being said, I might have to leave the church if I ever get called to be a President of any organization. LOL

normal mom said...

I want to know the funniest thing! I want to know the funniest thing!

Jen said...

I predict that you will rock this calling.

I have been wishing for a little change from primary chorister, though I love it most weeks. But I am afraid of what the alternative might be, so I'm also happy where I am.

Stacey said...

Congrats!! Wow...I would be having major anxiety as well!! You will be great! I am guessing that you are pregnant...and that is your surprise??? So, I guess congrats are in order for your new calling and pregnancy???

Anonymous said...

Yes, funniest thing... not sure it would be a pregnancy... but that was also my fist thought. The Stacie (ey)s think alike.

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