Friday, January 25, 2013


So I have a new obsession.  I didn't need a new obsession.  I wasn't looking for a new obsession.  It just happened.  I have a baby -- a fairly big baby -- who likes to be held.  He doesn't like me to walk out of the room.  He doesn't like me to busily move around the house.  He most certainly doesn't appreciate me doing things like walk down the stairs without him!  I was willing to cut myself some slack the first year of his life.  So I wasn't accomplishing as much as I wanted, but I had a baby!  And probably my last baby.  Heaven knows I realize how quickly they grow up so I wasn't going to resent his babyhood or get frustrated with the undone tasks piling up around me.  But enough is enough.  There is something about the new beginnings of January and being inside all the time that makes me just want to get rid of everything and hose down the house!  Or at the very least streamline the cupboards and closets, sort through what clothes we really need and use, move some pictures around to appreciate them again, organize and discard old papers and files, not to mention prepare dinner regularly, learn to crochet, practice the piano, exercise -- need I go on?  Anyhow, despite his advanced age, I decided I needed a new way to strap him to me so that I can do what I need to do and he can have what he wants -- which is to be strapped to me.  

And so we have: woven wraps (aaaaaah).  They are so pretty, so silky, so vibrant... so expensive!  But I've gotten some used and some at deep discounts.  They're not all here yet, but here is my first one (and yes, I do need more than one since there are different uses for shorter wraps, different fabrics, etc. -- thanks for asking).
 This one is a silk / cotton blend and is so comfortable -- it's like I hardly notice him there at all.  He gets all comfy and relaxed, truly happy as a clam.  I brought it with me to my presidency meeting yesterday, tied him up, and he promptly took a nice little nap.  I've been watching youtube videos all week long for all of the best ways to wrap a toddler.  I seem to have found yet another subculture of which I knew nothing just a few short months ago.  It is fun, it is bonding.  And since I need some reason to justify all of this bother I'm already imagining wrapping up my grandchildren. Yes, I realize I'm crazy.

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