Tuesday, February 26, 2013

left of center

Oh my goodness, February whizzed on by!  And it isn't just because it is shorter since we haven't gotten to the end yet, right?  Let's see.  Last week Matthew and I went to the Suzanne Vega concert -- that was super fun!  I thought I would enjoy it, but I was never that into her music so I wasn't over the top excited about it, but then it was really amazing!  Her voice is so pretty and she has a great manner about her, just chatting and telling stories.  It was a stormy night, so I had thought we should maybe skip the whole thing, but the roads were fine so I'm glad that we didn't.

For some unknown reason I've been cleaning and clearing and decluttering like a madwoman.  I'm not pregnant so it isn't nesting... I think it is because I'm already anticipating our annual yard sale!  Every year I feel a little panicked and run out of time and am always disappointed by how many other things I have that I don't want or need, so I suppose that this year I want to be thorough -- leave no stones unturned, no closet undefiled, no cupboard unscathed.  My dining room has been a particular eyesore, aka the dumping spot, so I was thinking I needed to gut the whole thing and start over.  I listed my dining table and chairs Craig's list and started looking for something to replace it.  I sometimes think the one we have is a little too precious to inhabit the same space as my rambunctious children, and I am tired of the ends drooping when we lean on it to take our turn in Settlers of Catan, or worrying when the kids draw on it with permanent marker.  We need something solid and enduring, something oval, and something stylish, and perfect.  Am I asking too much?  ApparentlyUnless I want to spend 10 gazillion dollars.  I don't.  Matthew suggests we use the one we have.  Pfft.  Nonsense.  But I think it has come to that.  So I decided to rearrange the dining room.  A good friend came over and she helped me most by asking me to pick just two main colors and we could go from there.  It did look a little busy and looks so much more serene and lovely now.  I think I'll just keep my table.

::I found a before -- Ibby took a picture of her lovely Valentine table setting
::And here is after 
::Archie helped me take some pics.  You can't tell, because you can't hear the picture, but in both he is making kissing sounds.  Adorbs!
::Some left over valentine's photos -- loving the icing and sister, too.  That dye made for some very interesting diaper changes.  Too much information?  Sorry.

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