Tuesday, April 9, 2013

my boys

Phin says the funniest things -- I just wish I could remember them all!  On Sunday afternoon I had switched out some of the summer and winter clothes because we were going to have such a warm week (ha) and he came running into my room on Monday morning shouting, "Mom!  There is something so creepy in my room!"  I thought, what could it be?  A spider? A mouse? A pirate?  What?  "There are a ton of short sleeved shirts in my drawer!"  Oh, yes, that is pretty creepy alright!

And Archie is starting to talk up a storm.  He will tell you all about cats and dogs, cars and trains... it is cute, but a little exhausting.

::Here is Phin showing off his hurt toe -- with an Angry Bird band-aid on it.

 ::And here is a cute little Archie for you to enjoy

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