Thursday, July 4, 2013

kind of a dud

Happy Independence Day!  We were so excited because they were going to have the old fire truck to take the kids on rides again this year -- I think it has been several years since it has come -- but Phin woke up feeling very sick and started throwing up.  So, so, sad.  So the girls and I went and participated in the usual parade around the street, hot dogs, visiting, etc.  Archie was too nervous to get on the fire truck so we just stood on the sidelines and waved at the girls.  We were supposed to do some fun things in the afternoon, but we just stayed home because of the sick boy.  Our awesome neighbors took Ibby with them to see the fireworks and at the last minute I grabbed Lucy and we drove a couple of blocks over to the hospital parking deck and watched from the deck. I was surprised how many other people had had the same idea so it was quite a party up there.  I think that people who don't enjoy crowds (Matthew) and loud noises (Charles) would definitely like this arrangement, but I personally prefer to be closer to the action, as it were.  The fireworks simply didn't seem as out of this world from a few miles away.  When we got home, Phin was looking out his window and had seen a few over the treetops.  It is so sad to be sick on a holiday, why not any other day?

I got some super cute shoes in the mail yesterday.  One of my sweet "what the sheep" friends just sent them to me for the cost of shipping.  It makes me excited for cold weather (because heaven knows I'm not wearing anything close-toed until that time).
 And this is my harvest for the day...  It has been such a mild summer.  We haven't put in our window air conditioning units yet, and I don't think we will at this point since we're leaving so soon.

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