Sunday, November 17, 2013


We've had a crazy few days around here.  There was a tornado  here yesterday and it was hitting town around noon so they cancelled church.  Ibby yelled, "Pajama church!" and you wouldn't believe how quickly everyone had stripped off their Sunday clothes!  Phin had learned all about tornadoes from school so he was really scared and talking about how green the sky was and how we should all huddle down in the basement with our heads down.  We did go down there, but then had to look out the kitchen windows because it was so amazing!  Golf ball sized hail, wind whipping, tree branches flying around, tornado sirens going off... But by 1:00 it was an absolutely gorgeous, clear, and sunny day.  We could've gone to church, but Bro. Dibble said you can't really put the toothpaste back in the tube, right?  The eeriest thing was that it had climbed to about 72˚ when the sky was all green.  I guess the warm air and cold air hitting each other is what causes tornadoes and why they normally hit in the spring.  It is very strange November weather.  Anyhow, for the most part we were fine here in Bloomington, but in Washington the tornado hit the grounds and cut through a 1/4 mile swath of about 70 homes -- they were completely leveled!  It is so sad!  All the church member are fine and hopefully we can find ways to help in the upcoming days.

I gave a talk in church last week about the hand of God in our lives.  I recounted the story that Ella told us about going to that one family's house.

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