Thursday, November 26, 2015

turkey trot

Happy Thanksgiving!  We've had a very nice day today.  The first thing we did was drive down to Miller Park where I ran my very first 5K!  It is exciting!  I started running again this past summer, but the farthest I've ever gone at once is two miles, so this was a big deal.  The girls ran together and Phin ran with me for most of the way and then stopped when we passed Matthew in the parking lot.  We really were almost done and he regretted stopping when he later saw how close he was to the finish line.  Phin had also run in the half mile children's race so I am pretty certain that he ran three miles today -- one way or the other.  My time was 36 minutes which is pretty slow, but I didn't really know I could run a 12 minute mile, haha!

We were planning on going to the Clay's for dinner around 2:00, but Clare called and asked, "What is the most tragic thing that could happen on Thanksgiving?"  I answered that someone must be throwing up, but the truth was that their oven wasn't working!  So they brought the turkey to our house to bake and we ended up having dinner closer to 5:00.  She had tried to broil some of her delicious rolls and a pie, but that didn't work out so well.  We still had a lovely dinner!  And the company was wonderful, too.

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