Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Last night we went to Crosswinds church with our Van Allen friends for a lovely Christmas Eve service.  All of the songs and stories were so nice and everyone loved having their own candle to hold.  I was very moved by the singing and thinking about the importance of the season.

 We came home and set out our stockings and put the boys to bed.  Then we watched the Lars and the Real Girl with the olders and went out to find a midnight mass at 11:45.  Alas, there was none to be found!  We went to three different Catholic churches, but they were all deserted.  I guess we need to do a little more research if we want to try that again next year!  We went home and I started a breakfast casserole and did all of the Santa things, finally able to fall into bed around 1:30.  Once again let me declare, having both older and younger children at home can be a pain.  Fortunately, the boys were happy to let people sleep in.  We had breakfast around 10:00 AM and went into the living room at 11:00 or so.  Christmas was quite small since our main present is our upcoming trip, but our kids were their usual grateful and lovely selves.  We had a wonderful and relaxing day.  Hope everyone else had a nice Christmas as well!

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