Sunday, January 17, 2016

thaturday is a thpethial day

I'm trying to wrap my head around the theta -- here in Spain they pronounce the C and the Z as a th- sound.  So everyone at church calls Lucinda, Lutheenda, which is really cute actually, but I naturally have a lisp so I just get confused and either don't do it or start saying everything with the theta including words like siesta and Saturday, for example.  I've spent most of my life trying not to have a lisp and am usually aware at some level where my tongue is hitting my teeth!  I keep trying to tell myself to just pretend that those words are spelled with a -th (and by the way I have no idea to represent the TH being a sound in this situation, just so you know), but I've already learned some Spanish so I'm having to relearn how to say those words.  Today at church the lesson was about how God wants us to be happy -- felith, felith, felith!!!  And all around us there are housing developments called "urbanizaciones" -- try saying that with a lisp!  I do, every time we pass the signs.

Church was very nice -- everyone was so welcoming and it seems like we have already made some friends.  Archie started asking me to stay with him well before sacrament meeting ended, he knows the drill, so I was able to go to Primary.  I think that is more my level of language understanding -- and perhaps my spiritual level as well.  I always like being with the kids.  Before we went to Primary they had a ten minute snack break which is seriously a great idea!  I hadn't brought anything, of course, but I will for sure next week. 

::snack time -- people shared, yay!  The Spanish like their sweets!

::in class

Yesterday we cleaned the house and then ran some errands.  I wanted to go to a bigger grocery store in a larger pueblo so that I could hopefully find some harder to find ingredients and things for the house.  The store was huge!  My expectations were high!  Let's find some sesame oil for our favorite Korean dishes, here's the oil aisle... 

That is ALL olive oil!  They like what they like.  There is also a tomato sauce aisle, a yogurt aisle, a chocolate aisle, bread aisle, of course... They like a cookie called "Maria" so a whole aisle of that!  But no oatmeal, no coconut oil, no flavorings besides vanilla  (I like almond and orange for things), no tea kettles (!), and lots of other things I have now put out of my mind because I was too frustrated.  I've ordered a few supplies online and I will just live without the rest.  Isn't that big of me? 

After the store we walked along our little section of coastline and caught another gorgeous sunset -- they make them pretty here!

 I obviously couldn't get enough.  I loved the gradation of colors

Here is one from another evening in the other direction.  Gah!  So amazing!

We're settling in and enjoying our time here so far.  Charles pointed out that we only have 11 Saturdays left so we need to use them wisely (mostly he thinks we shouldn't hang out in large grocery stores all afternoon).  Our main complaint is that we're cold!  I know that sounds like we're whiny babies because it was in the 70's our first week and then 50's the second week, but our house does not have central heating!  We're cold to the very bones.  You're all warmer than we are (in your houses), if that makes you feel less jealous. 

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