Friday, August 15, 2008

Last night I had a hankering for a blueberry smoothie so I went to google a recipe, but got stuck on the internet again.  I ran into a post about jogging that was so funny! click here. A few weeks ago I went jogging with my two oldest. Ella: "Mom, you are going to ruin the bottom of your new shoes." (Yes, I was so serious about this that I had shelled out $6 for the clearance at Payless.) "Oh, you mean they are getting dirty?" "No, you aren't picking up your feet." Rude! I was so picking up my feet, just not very high. You've got to pace yourself. I also found another blog.  You should all look at this. Look at August 5th. Did you see it? Gaston? Are you kidding me? I literally almost died!


Amylouwho said...

That gaston thing was hilarious! My mom referred me to that blog and it is too classic! Did you come across the running one from "navel gazing . . ."? That's a funny one too.

I never emailed you did i? I'm a slacker. My other blog is smileykate.blogspot

Glad you are back online - isn't it easy to watch the hours disappear while you are looking around?

Janisu said...

My eyes are watering from reading the jogging blog--especially the back fat. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. The comments at the end had me rolling even harder--one about 'the girls' in front hitting you in the face. Crazy. Yes, the 'female Gaston' was hilarious, too. Thanks for the links. You are awesome!

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