Thursday, August 28, 2008

Separation Anxiety

Ibby does not like to go to school at all.
Friday: clinging to me at the bus stop, but still hadn't ridden the bus, so wiped away tears and got on with Lucy's arm around her; bus driver giving me a look of panic; I cry on the way home.
Monday: crying on the way to the bus stop, refuses to get on bus; Matthew drives them to school and leaves her whimpering with the teacher, after making another boy cry as he realizes that he is sad as well .
Tuesday: Matthew drives them to school and takes baby (because I was SO sick, but that is another story) so uses that as an excuse to not walk in with her.
Wednesday: Lucy forgets she has homework so no bus again; I drive them to school and make her get out of the car and walk in; she is crying, I get dirty looks from teachers; Lucy says later that Ibby cried in the hallway for a long time.
Thursday: she starts with the not wanting to go about an hour before the bus comes; clinging to me in my bedroom; Matthew takes her hand and I hear her wailing all the way to the car; they pray on the way and try to talk about happy things while she moans; she refuses to get out of the car; Matthew walks her in; she is left screaming at the top of her lungs with the teacher.
Okay, okay, we get it! You don't want to go to school! But then, she comes home as happy as a lark, barely can say hello to me, shows me all the things she did at school, tells me about her friends and her art class. So it is heart wrenching, but she seems to be fine, so I don't know what to think every morning. I asked my friend google and it told me, "Remember: Separation anxiety means that a strong and loving bond exists between you and your child." Hmmm, then why didn't any of my other children ever go through this?!?? We must not be bonded. Something else to fret about.

Oh, and Happy Anniversary to me and my far superior other half! And Happy five month birthday to Phin -- so big!


Jenn said...

Wow--sounds like a torturous week. You poor things (both you and Ibby)! So glad to hear that she is finally liking school. I can't imagine that going on any longer. What were you sick with? Hope you're feeling better by now. Happy Anniversary! :) How many years has it been?

Anonymous said...

I just treated myself to reading all of your posts back to Independence Day, and you make me happy.

I feel the same way about back to school, generally. But not this year - don't know why.

Our anniversary is tomorrow.

I plan to go to Time Out - hope to see you there! Will you take Phin? Too funny about the Phin & Isabella story!

Janisu said...

I know how hard it is. Sadie was like that nearly every day last year. She never did ride the bus in the morning last year and I took her to her class--I knew her teacher really well. She is so much better this year--except today and yesterday she decided she was sick. It WILL get better, but when, I don't know. And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I almost sent an e-card, but was afraid it would make your husband look bad. Love ya!

Stacey said...

Found your blog and you are funny! I am going to enjoy reading yours! Poor Ibby (and you)-I hope this week is a better one!

Anonymous said...

India doesn't want to miss school. I don't think we bonded, either. Oh well, maybe the next kid. Oh, and I think Ez will cling a little... maybe.
Gotta eat something.

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