Saturday, September 27, 2008

Well, we do need to get a new washing machine. Um, yea? So I have spent the better part of the week researching as is my wont prior to a large purchase. I think we have decided what we want, but no one in town seems to carry it. We will have to order. In the meantime, my old one is chugging along, albeit not with its former exuberance. Baby is in scratchy paper for the moment. He is sleeping right now. I love when he naps, but it also freaks me out. I'll think, "Was that him? No, that was the cat. Oh, he has been asleep for awhile. How nice. Unless... he has burrowed under something and is smothering and can't breathe and I am just sitting down here enjoying the peace and quiet while he is upstairs and the unthinkable has happened!!! Oh, he is crying. Phew, what a relief. Dang, I wasn't quite finished with what I was doing." This is my thought process every single time that boy goes down for a snooze. I am surprised I haven't keeled over with heart failure yet.


Amylouwho said...

I do the same thing!! Once Andrew slept for almost 3 hours and I really started to get concerned!

Stacey said...

Funny, me too! I so want the peace and quiet but then when I get it, I can't take it. Why aren't we calmer this time around? I got an awesome washer and dryer and it is a GE something and has a HUGE capacity-no agitator but it isn't a front loader. Did you look at Sherman's?

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