Monday, October 27, 2008


Would anyone please like to tell me where October has gone? I usually put up decorations and the other day I thought, "Why didn't I put up my Halloween decorations yet? Oh, I didn't realize it was October!" And did I feel better after I answered my question? No, not really because obviously I have lost my mind! So the next question is, is it worth getting them out and putting them up now?

What I did not forget to do, however, is buy candy. Apparently, chocolate is critical and witches are not. I bought the nice big bag of chocolate yummies. On the front of the package, all of the candy bars get equal billing, but when you open the bag (which I would, of course, never do) there is a serious ratio inconsistency when it comes to Almond Joy! In fact, right at the moment, I think there are none at all in my bag. Spooky!


Anonymous said...

so glad to hear that you have your priorities straight! chocolate is definitely important, and witches are not.

Stacey said...

Funny! Yeah, I figure I spend around $20 on Halloween candy for actaul trick or treaters and then another $40 just for myself. No self control whatsoever!

GRodenberg said...

Good, because I hat Almond Joys! They were all put in my bag apparently

trevorteusc said...

Found your blog on your facebook profile. Your thoughts are delightful! Just like talking to you in person! Am I the one who found you on facebook, but you didn't know you had an account? Cute baby, too!
By the way, I had the same bag of candy, and mine had way to many whoppers!

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