Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh no -- I forgot the camera!

This is a familiar refrain in my life. We went down to Champaign last weekend -- a beautiful autumn afternoon spent at an apple orchard and tooling through Amish towns. The little girls rode a pony for the first time, they traversed a bouncy obstacle course, everyone went through a maze, we saw my totally gorgeous niece, Miriam, and her family. Her boys are adorable and she is due to have a baby any minute. The kids all played great and we had a delightful visit. But will we remember these details to the extent that they deserve? No. Because we didn't have the camera. It is not documented. And we all know what a sieve our brains are. Unh uh, it is not good. This morning, Ella and Lucy went to their first sewing class. They did really well and had a great time with their lovely, fun, kind, and patient teacher, Sister Syndy. As Lucy threaded her first bobbin and sewed her first perfect stitches, I thought how nice it would have been to capture the moment with a photo. But no, no, no -- not happening. I have one picture of Lucy's baptism, and none -- zero! -- of the baby's blessing day. Of course, I had just given birth so maybe someone else should have thought about pictures!!! But I am not upset. Most of our photos are taken at home because that is where the camera is. If only the newfangled thing were a little more portable... Now wouldn't that be a wonderful idea!

About sewing class, I even learned a few things this morning. My mother and my sisters all sew and I don't know quite what happened with me. It seems like growing up you kind of had to figure things out yourself and I wasn't interested enough. (And that is how I treat my kids, not showing them how to do things because no one ever showed me, but that is a completely different subject...) I have had bouts of sewing mania, but they are always accompanied by copious amounts of frustration with tangled threads, missed cuts, burned fabric, and general brain malfunctions. I sat in the room with them while they sewed and started getting excited about sewing again. I have three unfinished quilt tops in my attic, some fabric for curtains in the closet, and more fabric just lying around waiting for inspiration to hit. My last project was five years ago when I made a slipcover for my couch. It was nice at first, but didn't last. And it wasn't fun to make. Perhaps it just isn't my thing, but I hope not.


Candis Ellis said...

I know exactly what you mean with the camera--except, I am worse because I usually have a camera with my but just forget to snap it! Frustrating. I love the look of your blog, by the way. So cute. I really enjoy reading your posts!

Jenn said...

Ahh, sewing. I knew it wasn't for me in 7th grade home ec. It took me WAY longer to sew on a button than everyone else, and the sweatshirt I made didn't fit over my head. Sigh. The button on Andrew's shorts fell off the other day. My response--"Well. There goes those shorts!"

I think it's great your kids are interested in it. What a wonderful skill!

The Queen Bee said...

I don't even want to know about burned fabric. I'm glad you girls had a good time because frankly... I did too! I love it sew much!

Ellen said...

I remember mom teaching me to sew, but I also took sewing classes in school, so mom must have dropped off teaching sewing by the time you came up and around. It is definitely a good thing to know how to do. I enjoyed hearing about your day trip to Champagne, and I just imagine what everything and everyone must have looked like.

Stacey said...

I made Kyle buy me a very small digital camera to keep in my purse for the moments you are talking about and everytime I need it isn't in there-go figure!

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