Monday, April 13, 2009

My Favorite Monday

My friend Amy dedicated an entire post to being hooked on blue which made me think, "Hey, I LOVE blue, couldn't live without it."  So I decided to also take some pictures of some, but not all, of my favorite blue things.  Here is my Ode to Blue.

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  1. glass cherry tree
  2. Ella's bedroom
  3. Japanese woodblock print
  4. little girls room complete with cat -- everything looks better with a little black cat
  5. new basement room
  6. collection of tins -- post about how Martha ruined that later
  7. my bedroom
  8. my favorite earrings ever
  9. diaper bag
  10. living room chair that needs help, but still love the color
  11. big cushions and baby blue boy
  12. ocean and sky -- gorgeous!
  13. my purses
  14. clearance t.v. stand
  15. thrift store pitchers -- I seem to be drawn to the same color over and over


Ellen said...

I love blue too, especially the ocean and sky, wow!

Shahara said...

Blue has forever been my favorite color, and I have written 'an ode to blue' of my own.
Robby and Tom had a tumble in the grocery store parking lot. Tom was pushing him fast in the parking lot, hit a bump and pulled him down, pinning his leg. He was in the seat compartment. He didn't want me publishing that, afraid one of my 5 readers would turn him in!
I love your blog, you are a fabulous writer.

amylouwho said...

we are kindred spirits aren't we?

Melba said...

Blue is awesome!

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