Thursday, April 23, 2009

Clearance and Catch Up

Well, it has been a long time...  We have been so busy!  We had the most humongous yard sale ever last weekend and it went surprisingly well.  My friend and I spent so much time getting ready for it, but then as the morning progressed and we weren't getting much business, I began to think that my goal of $30 was a bit lofty.  Fortunately, more people came along who were loony enough to want my rubbish and it all turned out okay.  We laughed about how some people wanted stuff that we were a little hesitant to put out because it was so junky, but then other items that we thought were amazing and were loathe to relinquish were still sitting there dejectedly at the end and we had to decide yet again if we still wanted them or not.  Unfortunately, some of it did find its way back into my house and I also am now the proud owner of some of my friends garbage.  One of those things is a curvy little oval coffee table that I love!  I am officially addicted to yard sales and already have a pile of clothes germinating in the corner which I am sure will blossom into a full blown garage full by next Spring.

We also did a birthday party for oldest boy and his friends last weekend.  As I have mentioned before, he is getting so big.  He has always been my little bugaboo and he is a wonderful son and big brother.

And Lucy had a music concert so a pic of her.

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amylouwho said...

such cute kids!!!!

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