Thursday, May 7, 2009

My rain dance seems to have worked too well -- it poured all night.  I hope my son is not too sodden.  The new day has dawned bright and all is ready for my Mother's Day tea.  I was a little worried this morning because unfortunately I don't think things are urgent until they are URGENT and hadn't gotten anything ready yesterday.  For the sake of time I had to sacrifice some of the elegant touches like place cards and streamers, but we will be fine as long as we have the essentials = very cute food!  I ran to the store this morning to procure the makings of watercress sandwiches and scones, my helpful friend Kristi came over to help set up tables, etc., my lovely husband swept the patio free of maple leaf blossom debris, and the tea is steeping.  Baby has just nursed and now I should probably dash!

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Melba Toast said...

What a wonderful picture!

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