Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yesterday I delivered vegetables and Clark wrote "Mary at the mansion" on my delivery list instead of plain old Mary. It was funny how many people saw us in the newspaper! Last night at the school carnival, loads of people were talking about it. If my neighbor was in the paper I would never be the wiser. So our fame lasted two days. Back to vegetables -- at the first delivery I fell down someone's front steps! My feet slipped out from under me so we had the whole spectacle of shoes soaring through the air, skirt flying up, and me landing with a heavy thump on my tailbone. The woman who lives at the house came running out and felt quite helpless as I sat to catch my bearings (and even had some tears). Baby was crying in the car so as soon as I was able I wobbled over, tenderly sat down, and slowly drove away. I started to think how my life would change. I have so much to do every day, I just wanted to go home to bed, and I have just started exercising regularly! Of course, I already feel quite a bit better, walking and sitting aren't too bad, just picking things up, etc. So, as usual, I always suffer from the gloom and doom complex and think everything is going to be worse than it really ends up being.

Twice a week I pick up three kids from preschool and take them to their respective daycare facility. Phin is getting so that he recognizes that we are at their drop-off spots and knows that I will be getting out of the car without him for a minute. He starts crying even as we first drive up and I think that is so smart of him that he can identify where we are! I was telling Ella what a genius he is and she said, "If he was so smart he would know that you're coming right back so he doesn't need to cry every time." She has such a candid perception of life. Another example of his intellect is that he has started playing peek-a-boo by putting his hands on his forehead or over his ears, etc., but never his eyes. He thinks he is doing it right and throws up his hands, opening his mouth in a wide smile. It is so utterly adorable I wish that you could all see it -- never fails to amuse.


AFarCryFromNormal said...

Ohhh poor Mary!!! I am hoping you feel better!! :-) Faith too is super smart! LOL :-) (Had to say that!) No really, she is so getting to that age where she knows I am leaving or not in her general presence. While I wish sometimes I could just sneak away for a second, I know this won't last forever. I LOVE LOVE his peek-a-boo game! He really is SOOOOOOOOOOOO smart!! :-)

HARA said...

Why is it that nothing is cuter than the endless times a baby can play peek a boo? When Risi my oldest was 9 she went to Primary children's hospital so many times in her first 18 months she was saying hospital every time we got on the freeway. I convinced she was a genius. She still is quite a bright child. Sorry about your tail bone! Ouch.

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