Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the intersnare

I may have mentioned this before, but I really waste a lot of time on the computer.  And I get so distracted by everything!  Oftentimes, I will come to the computer specifically to look something up, immediately check my e-mail, see an alert from Facebook, say goodbye to whatever I was thinking about, only to be reminded later when I finally tear myself away and make my way back to wherever I was when I thought of the thing to look up.  Very nice sentence I know.  I have decided that I need to schedule a specific time of day with a limited amount of minutes to spend on the computer.  Also, I need to keep a pad of paper with notes of what I am going to accomplish on the computer so that I won't simply stare at it in stupefication and drown in there somewhere.

Speaking of the stupefying effects of Facebook!  Yesterday I was walking on the trial near my house and ran into an old friend.  I haven't talked to her in a long time since we don't really socialize in the same circles, as it were, but she does live at the other end of my street and I think she's wonderful.  When I came home I predictably logged onto Facebook and there on my home page was a suggestion that I befriend her.  Now how did Facebook know that I even know her?  My address isn't on there.  We don't have any of the same friends.  We aren't associated with the same employer, school, activities, etc.  The only thing we have in common on our profiles is our city, but I am pretty sure that there are quite a few people that live here that I don't know and they aren't all being suggested to me.  And why did her name come up yesterday and not any other day?  Did Facebook know that I had just seen her?  There must be a more reasonable explanation than my first conclusion -- which is that I am being spied on!  If anyone has any ideas...

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Jen said...

There has to be some explanation, and I would suspect that a lot of your friends are friends with her friends, even if they don't overlap on fb yet.

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