Thursday, August 19, 2010

first day of fall depression

School started today and it makes me so sad.  Did the summer go faster than usual for everyone?  I can hardly stand it and I certainly wasn't taking any pictures of the big day.  It isn't really celebratory for me at all.  My friend, Lisa, was writing on facebook about all of her homeschool preparations and I suddenly started to rethink that whole topic, but then did what I usually do which is go with the flow.  This morning, however, the girls were annoying me quite a bit and the thought quickly crossed my mind that it might actually be nice to have them gone until I realized that they were only bugging me because they weren't getting ready for school and that contention is virtually nonexistent during summer vacation.  Perhaps you should brush your hair?  Did you brush your hair??  Have you brushed your hair yet???  Oh and the homework battles!  Just shoot me now.  It also means that the winter will be here soon.  My stomach hurts.

We did have a great summer.  There was a lot of hanging out and visiting; a few projects accomplished; no big exhausting voyages; and not even one single box of macaroni or package of ramen consumed = success!

Now I just need to think of some things to keep me busy.  Heaven knows there is plenty of neglected corners around here to keep me occupied through the dark days ahead.  I know --  I'll do something really fun like reorganize our files!

Oh, and did you brush your hair?


Jen said...

Ramen free is a great accomplishment indeed. I can barely make it a week that way right now because nothing sounds good, so I do what's easy.

My name is Lexi said...

yes, i did brush my hair. we had an amazing time at your house. it made my summer a little happier

Shaharac said...

We just went to back to school night. It totally sucks that summer is over. I LOVE summer, love waking up at my leisure - kind of. I like Not brushing my hair or making lunches at 7:30 a.m. I'll be thinking of you during my dark days - hey call me sometime we'll chat.

Stacey said...

It definitely went faster than usual for me!!! I too am dreading homework and forcing everyone out the door in the morning. However, my three are very excited!! Are you still going to do bookclub?? Please let me know...I want to join! I miss you MARY!!!!!!!

normal mom said...

I am learning that we project our feelings about school on our kids a bit. I loved school, so my kids actually really like it--with only the few minor issues. You didn't love school so much (too smart for it all) and maybe your kids are like you. Another friend I know felt picked on and felt like everything went wrong and she is trying to not do that with her daughter, but she is preparing her daughter for every possible conflict--all before her daughter has even gone to 6th grade yet.

It's all very interesting. We should discuss it at bookclub over some very organic healthy food.

Love you! I did think of you when I heard it was your first day. All is well!

Terresa said...

My stomach hurts, too, and yet my kids don't start school until next MOnday. I'm equally thrilled and horrified.

PS: I didn't brush my hair today but did cut my daughter #2's hair. I think it actually looks OK (practice makes perfect!!).

PPS: So not looking forward to the homework battles...

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