Thursday, August 26, 2010

good morning, good morning!

Well, the good news is that I have a really good blender -- yippee!  The bad news is that I just blended the rubber stopper thing from the blender lid into our peanut butter, yogurt, spinach breakfast smoothie this morning.  I didn't even notice!  First, I thought it seemed to be having a harder time than usual to blend up the ice and even recalled for a moment the amusing story my friend Julie told me about blending up her little plastic stopper -- hilarious!  Then I idly wondered where my stopper was and bent down into the cupboard and did the thorough yet efficient hand sweep in the dark thing.  Next, I lovingly poured the jewel green nutritious deliciousness into everyone's glasses and demanded that they drink it all up or else!  I drank a little and noted absently that the flax seeds I had added seemed especially tenacious.  Wait a minute, that's not a flax seed, that is plastic.  Oh ~~ the lightbulb illuminates above my head ~~ that's where the stopper went.  I hurriedly yanked everyone's glasses out of their hands, scooped out the black plastic chunks, mournfully poured the rest of the "breakfast that actually wasn't cold cereal" down the drain, and got out the bowls with resignation.

In other morning news, Charles woke up at 5:38 which happens to be exactly two minutes before we leave for seminary -- and we were still on time!!!  I was looking all over for him in the basement, then was going to check if he was still in bed when I ran into him groggily making his way down the stairs.  After a promise that we could run back home before school, he put on his shoes and walked out the door.  Amazing.

Phin has a little cold, didn't sleep at all well, and is wiping snot on the couch at the moment.  Oh, now he has fallen asleep and looks super sweet.

How is your day going so far?


normal mom said...

Whew! You need a nap. And a new rubber stoppery thing.
Exhausting for you, but it all made a great blog post!

Janisu said...

Lovely morning for you! I agree that you need a nap--and so do I. Give that kid a hankie!

Run, Bike, Knit said...

Okay, now I must know! What kind of blender do you have??

Stacey said...

Oh Mary...I miss you so much!!! I have also missed your regular blog postings with all your big words :) I just ruined my blender a few months ago as was a really nice Kitchen Aid one and the rubber things that make the blades turn broke off was devestating. Maybe we can blender shop together :)

Terresa said...

A blended up plastic topper in a breakfast smoothie?? Yipes!! What kind of blender do you have? We have a Vitamix and swear by it, often mixing in frozen coconut milk and spinach into our smoothies.

PS: Thanks for the comment on my blog today. I welcome your thoughts any time! (I responded to your comment in my comments in the same post, if that makes sense!!)

PPS: Sufjan Stevens, yeow!!**

AFarCryFromNormal said...

Oh Mary! You make me laugh! I hate that I am laughing at your blender rubber stopper thingy. I read your blog and I feel I am right there seeing you pour with such enthusiasm a wonderfully healthy breakfast and then..... I am so sorry! I had a great day today but yesterday we were so excited to get out and go to the library and run some errand only to go outside (after everyone is happily buckled in) and my car is dead. We got it jumped and all was well but it was a bum. All the while I was trying to be thankful we even have a car! :-) P.S I want a new blender in the worst way! I can't justify the amount though and my current one does work....just not the best. I wish somewhere in the blog world someone had a BledTec giveaway and I was a lucky winner. That would be super cool! Miss you! P.S I am sending $ via paypal your way tomorrow!

Jen said...

My sister loves her vitamix with a purple passion.

My son was in a phase a few weeks ago where he wiped his nose on the couch, my leg, and even the carpet. It was funny and annoying at the same time.

amylouwho said...

funny! you are a great writer! how were you blending with a stopper thing in it? i mean what is this rubber stopper for?

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