Monday, March 14, 2011


Today I got emotional when I passed Hello Kitty in the toy aisle at Target, so I've spent the evening watching news clips about Japan.  I was avoiding it for a few days because I knew I couldn't handle it, but then I thought about how I have kind of regretted not watching any footage of 9/11, or other disasters, and it has been eye opening.  It is certainly different watching video, of the tsunami in particular, than it is to just read about it.  There is one that was so sad of people trying to run from the wave and everyone yelling, "Hayaku, hayaku!"  Heart wrenching!  I was sitting here alone and crying, not able to tear myself away, when I switched to some that were more positive from today.  Japanese people are so resilient and so completely civilized!  The story was about how they were sure they were going to have to do rolling blackouts across the whole country, but then didn't have to because everyone was voluntarily using as little electricity as possible; that everyone was getting right to work to help themselves and their neighbors dig out of the rubble; that there has not been even ONE incidence of looting in the entire country; that at the shelter they were being tidy and making sure to recycle (no one was being raped!).  I, of course, couldn't help but compare it to after Katrina and how horrible so many people behaved, and the most annoying thing I think I have EVER heard in all my livelong days was Celine Dion on Larry King crying for the looters, that we should just let them take all the jeans they want out of the stores because they don't have anything left.  What about the owners of said jeans?  What about doing something useful instead of criminal?  What about not being so depraved as to take advantage of natural disasters to give in to your most base instincts?  Deep breath.  I guess I should try to get over that.  I know it was simply a few bad apples and that most people were doing their best.  My point is, I think Japan will be okay and we can all learn from their dignified example.

Over here, I will pray for them and try to remember what things are most important -- because anything can happen in one life changing moment.  


corn fed girl said...

Good post. What did they do differently? How come their people seem to work together & help each other, while we eat each other for lunch? It totally fascinates me. Is it their government? How they were raised? Their religious beliefs?

Jen said...

That is awesome. Way to be full of good people, Japan!

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