Monday, March 28, 2011


Okay, I'm all annoyed.  As usual.  This time it isn't about anything important.  It is just that on the baby/pregnancy website I joined, they keep mentioning that an expectant mother should go on a babymoon defined as:
babymoon is a trip which is taken by parents who are expecting a baby; the term is closely related to “honeymoon,” the term used to refer to the trip taken to celebrate a new marriage. Typically such trips are undertaken early enough in the pregnancy that traveling is safe and enjoyable for the mother, and they are designed as a sort of “last hurrah” before the birth of the child. While parenting is obviously very exciting, it also marks a very major life change, and a babymoon is one way to mark this shift while celebrating the relationship between the parents.

Typically, a babymoon is meant to be romantic and luxurious. New parents typically find travel difficult, thanks to the demands of the child, and being romantic can be even more challenging, when both parents are focused on the needs of their dependent. Going on a babymoon can be a way for parents to reconnect before a birth, celebrating their love for each other and strengthening their bond.

Um, no.  It is falling in love with your baby people!  It is the smell of Tucks pads and baby necks, the feel of spit up seeping through your clothes and a small cluster of fingers curling around your thumb, it is the sound of that unique newborn cry and the quick inhalation as a hiccup rocks their whole body.  Aaah.  

I had the funniest dream the other night so if you don't like hearing other dreams (I don't) you can stop reading now.  I dreamt that I was in labor so I went with Phin to the hospital.  They didn't have childcare so I had to admit him, but within a few minutes they told me I wasn't in labor so I needed to leave.  However, I could not take my son since he had a cold and would have to stay a few days.  I knew I should've just gotten a babysitter!  So I came back later and they said I wasn't even pregnant.  I talked to my midwife who claimed that I had never been pregnant so I asked to see my chart which said that I had seen another doctor named Laura Bathandbody who had written on the last two visits respectively: Patient is as big as a house.  Patient complains about everything.  "See?"  I said to the midwife, "I obviously WAS pregnant when she saw me as you can tell so clearly by her notes.  "Well,"  she replied, "your body must have reabsorbed the fetus."  Which I thought was strange for being full term.  But when I woke up... I was still pregnant.  A common theme.

Now you can start reading again.  Some things said to me this week:

Lucy - Mom?  I don't mean to be critical or anything, I'm just asking a question because I really want to know, so don't get mad, but is looking at things on Ebay on Sunday the same as shopping on Sunday?
Me - (looking up from the computer screen) Yes, I probably shouldn't be looking at Ebay on Sunday morning, but (rationalizing) I was looking at these things earlier in the week and I can't help that she decided to end her auctions on Sunday, can I?  CAN I? 

On Friday as my husband and I got ready to go out to a concert.

Me - How do I look?
Loving husband - Um, you look pregnant.
Me - I know that!  That wasn't really the answer I was looking for.  Can't you say something nice?  So how do I look?
LH - Well... now you look really perturbed.

It's so wonderful to have full-time, live in reality checkers, right?  RIGHT?

Today my dad is having surgery so I've been thinking about him.  And it's my sweet boy's birthday (if he heard me say that aloud he'd scream, "Your sweet GIRL!" -- some slight confusion there).  We celebrated last night since Mondays are so extremely crazy around here so now he is upstairs playing happily with some new trains.  

Still searching for the perfect boy name...


AndieF said...

Thomas, Henry, James, Percy, Edward, Gordon, Toby. Yes, they are all names of Thomas trains, but I really like all those names for boys, and I think they'd go with the rest of your names.

AndieF said...

OK, maybe not Gordon. Oh, and Flower suggests Andrew.

Jen said...

We decided on Scott for ours. Which means all three of our kids have 5 letter names, and two or fewer syllables. His name doesn't really go with Grace and Henry's English/Old ish ness. However, it matches him, so oh well.

Ah, pregnancy dreams. They are so wonderful. I have bizarre dreams when I take ibuprofen, which was pretty annoying during the afterpain four/five days, because I could choose between excruciating nursing pain or unsettling sleep filled with weirdness.

The Queen Bee said...

Sorry Mary but a Babymoon sound REALLY good to me!! Sign me up!

Oh I think you should name him Atticus!

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