Friday, April 1, 2011

my mamba

My affirmation for the day is that I am really good at recycling.  I am so good, in fact, that I am pretty certain that I just recycled a check worth over $150.  And now it is gone forever.

At yoga class on Wednesday as we twisted our bodies into dancers pose, our instructor started to talk about how our lives are like a dance.  We move from one thing to the next, partnering up with someone briefly to have a conversation or arrange something, then away again to do some solo work.  She said that perhaps as we held the pose we could manifest the thought to make our dance a little more graceful.  Ooowhee -- that opened a can of worms in my head.  What a fantastic image, but my dance would be a lot more like Elaine's than Martha Graham-esque.  I picture something frenetic, choppy, inefficient, repetitive, full of almost everything but Grace.  And am I really responsible for the choreography?  Could I be more purposeful?  Could I add more finesse?  Yes.  And I love the whole mental picture of it -- how expressive we can make our own individual masterpiece as we convey each part of our emotions -- sorrow, happiness, peace, lethargy.

What is your dance like?  Comical, like mine?  Or simply life-like.

1 comment:

Jen said...

Yoga is the best.

I would say mine is pretty wild right now. Something resembling being dragged behind a slow horse.

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