Thursday, April 21, 2011

raiment lament

Phin has been so completely cute lately.  He was a bit grumpy while he was sick, but he still tries to be as pleasant as possible.  Just now I could see that his pants were a little damp so I asked him if he was wet.  He quickly said, "No.  Bye!"  And ran upstairs to change his clothes.  And last night before bed he didn't want a regular kiss, or even the "bisous" that we like to do, he wanted me to kiss his fist and he called it a "kiss bump."  Can you stand it?  I'm probably beginning the mourning process of him not being my youngest anymore.  I know the day the baby comes home he will seem like he has gained 50 pounds -- and gotten 50 times more smelly overnight.  And it's always hard for me to imagine loving the new baby as much as my other kids, but then all those great hormones come along and falling in love is easy.

I've reconciled myself to having another boy.  It isn't as if I don't like boys, because I do, it really has more to do with those baby girl clothes!  And I liked the name I had picked out.  But probably more with the sweet, pink, soft, floral beauties that I'll have to pass by.  I walk into a store and listlessly sift through the requisite navy, striped t-shirts and then I turn and -- be still my heart -- there are five million adorable things stuffed into the other side of the store.  It will probably save me money in the long run, except that to make myself feel better I have been buying some baby boy things that were a tad more pricey just to achieve a slightly greater level of adorability.  You do what you have to do.  And my maternity clothes are already getting too tight.  I'm enormous!  Anyone have some mumus I can borrow for the summer?

Still haven't honed in on any particular boy name... (or written my talk for Sunday, or vacuumed the house for a couple of weeks, or made the appetizer for RS tonight, or showered).


My name is Lexi said...

what are the names you're thinking of?

corn fed girl said...

I think he could rock the name Vesuvius. Eh? Ehhhh?!!!! Sweet isn't it?!

Stacey said...

KISS BUMP!! THAT IS SOOO CUTE!!! Hahahaha on the mumus!!

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