Monday, June 13, 2011

that's what I love about sundays

Sundays have gotten to be very long days in so many ways.  I had to be at church two hours early for ward council in which we were talking about activities to encourage unity.  The elders quorum president then told about how right after the boundaries changed there was a game night and he realized that Matthew and I weren't  that weird after all and that since then we have gotten together a few times even though there is a generation gap.  I gasped and exclaimed, "You just called me weird and old in one single sentence!"  Generation gap?  He is like eight years younger than me!  Oh my.  I guess I am getting old.  When I told Matthew about it he said it probably just seems that way to him since we have kids that are a lot older.  Okay, fine.

The comments kept coming, but the pregnancy remarks I am much more used to than the age ones.  Here are some things that were said to me just yesterday, in order of appearance:

"Hi there, skinny!"  (from an 80 year old man)
"Are you having a baby or did you just swallow a watermelon seed?"  (yes, Syndy, the same guy)
"Are you in labor?  You look really close."
"Are you having triplets?"
"Do you need someone to bring you dinner?  You look SO uncomfortable!  I mean, really, I have NEVER seen anyone look as uncomfortable as you do right now."

Listen people, I still have seven weeks to go until my due date, and probably closer to nine weeks to go until the baby decides to make its appearance.  Things hadn't gotten this bad with my last pregnancy until I actually had the gall to attend church for the two weeks after my due date.  I try to still look cute and be friendly and didn't realize I was emanating pure and unadulterated misery, but I really am not going to be able to handle attending church if people can't just shut their trap!  Matthew suggests that I just take Sunday bed rest for the duration.  Not a bad idea at all.

One other funny thing that happened at church was that someone came up to me and asked if I had signed the paper she had put in my box.  "What box?"  I asked innocently.  Apparently I have a cubby in the clerk's office and have had no idea for over six months.  She showed me where it was and there were all sorts of goodies -- some quite out of date.  I am truly lame.

Oh, and I would just like to say "You're welcome," to everyone for being the cause of the temperature dipping to a mild and lovely 75˚.  All it took was for us to invest quite a chunk of money in some air conditioners and the weather complied almost immediately.  Happy to do it.


The Queen Bee said...

Ok, Mary! First of all about the old and weird comment...consider the source! (sorry if his wife reads your blog, but really I think she'd say the same thing!)

As far as the pregnancy comments people really think they can say anything to a pregnant woman and it's ok. I think you look really cute and not at all miserable. I hope you took that person up on the dinner offer just for being rude!

And from the bottom of my heart "THANK YOU" I needed the reprieve from the hot weather myself, having swallowed a watermelon seed also!

corn fed girl said...

Geez you're HUGE! 7 weeks....that's going to be TERRIBLE! How will you survive? Uggg, I can't even look at you because you make ME so uncomfortable! Gee, you didn't plan this very well....being SO PREGNANT in summer. What were you thinking?! I wish I could help but I figured you are such a good mom having another sprout in the dead of summer.....maybe you should serve me. It would totally bless your life....& maybe help you feel better about your "condition."

You're welcome.

Stacey said...

Mary, I love you!!!! I thought you looked beautiful on Sunday!!!

HARA said...

You promise people have made all those cruel comments? Filters people filters. You are beautiful, enjoy the last 7 plus weeks.

Jon D. McLaughlin, Esq. said...

Sister Clark: You are right, my wife does read this blog.

Mary: I tend to joke a bit much with those that I like. I feel bad that you were hurt by my comments. We have really enjoyed our friendship with your family.

The Queen Bee said...

Dang...nothing is private anymore!! We are very happy to be friends with the Smith's and the Mc Laughlin's!

Jen said...

I announced in my testimony that it was my due date and attended church twice after that, but I must say my ward handled me better than your ward.

Generation gap? Ridiculous. One of the moms at my mommy play group is 10 years older than I am, and I am not the youngest one in the group. Age is a state of mind! And you are a young, vibrant, productive woman. Just remember, you are so productive even in your sleep, that you are RE productive.

And I bet you do yoga better pregnant than all of their sorry non pregnant selves.

Kendra H said...

Syndy is right, people think they can say anything to a pregnant woman! Don't feel bad, we are all getting some of it. Most of the time I like to think they are just trying to make small talk, at our expense, or think that what they say is so clever. I like the idea of Sunday bed rest for the last few weeks!

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