Monday, April 9, 2012

hello (hello, hello) -- is there anybody out there?

I am back and this time I am planning on staying!  What a winter that was!  Completely crazy!  After about five weeks we finally got a new computer, baby stopped giving me heart attacks with his choking and after six weeks with only one toilet way down in the basement for 8 people (okay, I'm exaggerating -- Archie obviously isn't potty trained) we have a brand spanking new wall mount toilet upstairs.  Hopefully it doesn't "mysteriously" crack anytime soon.  I had so many plans for the winter, none of which came to pass, but I am so very grateful that I was able to nurse my little one back to optimum health.  We spent a lot of time cuddling.  

So what to catch up on?  Archie started solid foods

And he's just not that into them. Well, he likes real people food, but not baby food.   What am I going to do with that case of powdered organic baby food I snatched on baby steals?  And he turned six months.  He was still sick in this picture, sad.

Lucy turned 12 and we had a fun party!
And Phin makes me happy!
He says THE funniest things all day long.  A couple of weeks ago he put on a shirt that was kind of long and he yells out, "Mom, you got me a dress!  A dress like Ibby!"  "Well,"  I replied, "You need to put some pants on."  "No I don't!  My peanut does not show!  See?  My shirt is all skirt-y on the bottom.  It is a dress!"  He was so excited that I finally got him a dress, as if he's been waiting for years for me to do just that.  Even if I were going to have him wear a dress there is a little more required than simply that your peanut does not show.  Yesterday we were driving down the street and he said, "Mom!  Is that a dog or an elephant?"  I didn't see it, but I said, "I'm pretty sure it was a dog."  "No," he asserts, "those people have an elephant."  One second later, "Can unicorns wear hats?"  It is all even cuter when you hear his voice with it.  Aaah.  I am going to do March in the next post so that when I slurp it I won't have too many photos on one page. See you in a minute!

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