Monday, April 9, 2012

march madness

So the first weekend in March, Ella was in the school play of Beauty and the Beast.  She was a townsperson and a book -- we failed to take any pictures of the book.
Isn't she cute?
She also is on the soccer team this year.  I keep thinking that if she did both of those things last year, she might have gotten into BYU, but c'est la vie.  Matthew keeps reminding me that maybe she's not supposed to go there.

Archie turned 7 months old!

I spent most of the month getting ready to have a yard sale which I held the day that we left for spring break -- busy!  We drove to Florida and the baby behaved about as well as we expected...  On the way we stopped in Nashville and Lucy did baptisms for the first time at the temple there.
We had SUCH a great time at my sister's house in Vero Beach and Archie met some relatives for the first time!!!  He has been so neglected, I tell you!

Hanging out with Grandma Gayle!
 Playing some rock band

 Swimming in their pool
We made it out to the Atlantic, which made me nervous because I thought it was too wavy and shark-y

 And Phin turned four!

He didn't really want his picture taken, can you tell?  We still like him.
Uncle John made him the cake -- he definitely fed us well!!!

My sister and her family were so hospitable and it was wonderful to see my parents.  We all had a fantastic time!  And then we had to drive home again...

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